10 Proven Examples of Sales Funnels in 2023 (and Why They're Converting) (2023)

Even if you already have one, studying the best sales funnel examples can help you optimize your marketing strategy and make your business grow even faster.

And if you're just starting to build your funnel, why not learn from the companies that have already paved the way?

To help you with that, let's take a look at our 10 most popular high converting sales funnels, how they work, and why they're so effective.

But before we get to those standout examples, let's start with a quick definition...

10 Proven Examples of Sales Funnels in 2023 (and Why They're Converting) (1)

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel, also known as a buyer's journey or sales pipeline, is a marketing term that describes the 4 stages prospects go through on their journey to becoming a customer.

Each stage corresponds to actions that prospects and marketers need to take to advance to the next stage.

These phases are:


  • Potential customers have a problem and discover what your business offers.
  • Marketers share educational and informational content to capture attention and interest.


  • Stakeholders are investigating other possible solutions to their issues.
  • Marketers share authority and content to build relationships.


  • Potential customers are ready to buy and evaluate different options.
  • Sellers present the best arguments for their products.


  • Marketers share content that helps customers get the most value from their products.
  • Marketers get potential customers to make a purchase.
  • The prospect becomes a paying customer.

10 examples of sales funnels (that convert like crazy)

Now that we've covered the basics of sales funnels, let's take a look at some of our favorite examples.

This is not a qualitative ranking of sales funnels. They are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Basecamp sales funnel

10 Proven Examples of Sales Funnels in 2023 (and Why They're Converting) (2)

How the Basecamp sales funnel works

base campis a project management tool that helps remote teams organize and execute their work.

They guide prospects through their B2B sales funnel using organic research, educational content, guides,case studies, newsletters and free trials.

conscience: Basecamp shares blog content and books that help potential clients solve pain points and achieve goals related to managing remote teams.

interest and decision: Basecamp shares guides that teach potential clients how to manage remote teams and complete projects effectively (often using their software). They also share case studies andcredentialsby their clients to build authority and prove they are the best project management solution.

Action: Basecamp Free Trial tries to convert free users into paying users by helping them experience the value of their tool. They also build trust by providing newsletters and educational content with valuable tips and tactics. Together, these strategies motivate potential customers to make a purchase.

Why Basecamp's Sales Funnel Is So Effective

Basecamp's sales funnel is effective because it provides value at every stage of the prospect's journey.

By engaging potential customers with educational content, Basecamp is able to show how their tool addresses potential pain points and achieves its goals.

Your free trial reduces friction and makes it easier for prospects to convert. Then help potential customers get the most value out of your tool so they switch to a paid plan.

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2. ConvertKit Sales Funnel

10 Proven Examples of Sales Funnels in 2023 (and Why They're Converting) (3)

This is how the ConvertKit sales funnel works

ConvertKitGenericNameis a tool that helps bloggers and creators create landing pages, signup forms, and emails.

They move prospects through your sales funnelaffiliate marketing, educational blogs,video content, webinars, case studies and free trials.

conscience: ConvertKit creates educationblog contente marketing digitalwebinarsteach prospects how to build and convert an audience. They also offer a generous offer as part of their marketing campaign.Affiliate programfor every existing customer, increasing the number of people promoting your software.

Interest: ConvertKit's webinars and video training teach prospects everything they need to know to build an audience and encourage them to apply what they've learned.

Decision: ConvertKit usedCase studies and testimonialsto show that they arebest email marketing platform. They also offer a limited free trial of their tool so potential customers can easily try it before they buy.

Action: ConvertKit's free trial nurtures potential customers by proving your tool's worth. Likewise, ConvertKit's educational content showcases its features, power, and versatility. A free trial and content consumption make potential customers more comfortable with the tool and more likely to buy.

Why ConvertKit's Sales Funnel Is So Effective

ConvertKit's sales funnel is effective because:

  • Leverage your army of existing customers to generate word of mouth.
  • Give potential customers everything they needConvertKitGenericNameto grow your audience, increase your conversion rate, and generate sales.
  • You create case studies that target your audience (creators and bloggers) and make them more relevant and useful.
  • It offers a free trial so interested parties can experience the value of its tool and switch to paid plans.

3. Daily Stoic Sales Funnel

10 Proven Examples of Sales Funnels in 2023 (and Why They're Converting) (4)

How the Daily Stoic Sales Funnel Works

daily stoicis a website that teaches people how to use stoicism to thrive in the modern world. They sell books, courses, a community.subscription packand accessories to help those interested in learning and applying Stoic principles.

through social networks,blog posts, videos, podcasts, and newsletters guide potential customers through their buying process.

conscience: Daily stoic creationArticle,videos, jpodcastsdescribing how to use Stoic principles to solve modern challenges. Then they promote their content on Facebook and Instagram to drive potential customers down their funnel.

Interest: Daily Stoic content teaches potential customers the value of Stoicism and its teachings. They encourage potential customers to sign up for theirsNewsletterreceiving stoic lessons and stories daily.

decision and action: Each newsletter focuses on a Stoic principle and shares stories that illustrate how the principle can help readers become stronger, happier, calmer, and more successful. The newsletter also promotes products that help potential customers apply the principle to improve their lives.

Why the Daily Stoic Sales Funnel Is So Effective

The Daily Stoic sales funnel is effective because it educates potential customers on how Stoicism can improve their lives. As a result, interested parties purchase books, courses, memberships, and supplies to help them apply these lessons.

They also use their blog and social content to convert prospects into newsletter subscribers. In the newsletter, they share short stories about the importance of Stoic principles and how to apply them to inspire prospects to action.

4. Groupon sales funnel

10 Proven Examples of Sales Funnels in 2023 (and Why They're Converting) (5)

This is how the Groupon sales funnel works

groupis a coupon database that helps shoppers and tourists to save money on shopping and activities.

They move prospects through their funnel using a referral program, email marketing, interest-based search, user rewards, and remarketing.

conscience: Potential customers are looking for business or have been referred to Groupon by a friend. Referrals earn $10 per referral. Groupon also offers affiliates 10% commission.

Interest: Potential customers search Groupon for deals on products/activities they want or sign up for Groupon's email program, where Groupon sends offers tailored to their interests.

Decision: Groupon makes it easy for potential customers to make a decision by letting them buy your coupon in the app.

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Action: Groupon will send them all the information they need to access their purchases/savings. Groupon then sends the customer other offers that might be of interest to them based on their purchase history. They also reward customers by sending them Groupon dollars based on how much they spend.

Why the Groupon Sales Funnel Is So Effective

Groupon's sales funnel is effective because of its simplicity, attrition reduction methods, and rewards.

Potential customers can easily find the deals they like through search or personalized recommendations, and can just as easily purchase those deals in the app. They also use personalized content and loyalty rewards to retain users.

5. Grow and convert the sales funnel

10 Proven Examples of Sales Funnels in 2023 (and Why They're Converting) (6)

This is how the Crescer & Converter sales funnel works

grow and convertIt is acontent marketingAgency that helps companies turn their blogs into conversion engines.

You use search engine marketing, in-depth content, case studies, and a strong value proposition to guide prospects through your sales funnel.

conscience: G&C creates two types of articles to increase traffic:

  • Articles target pain-focused keywords that your potential customers are likely to search for.
  • Articles that take a unique or controversial stance on content marketing issues.

Interest: G&C builds authority and demonstrates its value by featuring customer case studies in its articles.

Decision: G&C helps potential clients make decisions by offering a course that teaches their content marketing methods so that potential clients who can't afford the service can implement their strategies.

Action: The G&C sales page guides potential customers step by step through your service and the benefits you offer. And its value proposition - responsible content marketing that generates measurable leads - encourages potential customers to take action and inquire about G&C's services.

Why the Grow & Convert Sales Funnel Is So Effective

The G&C sales funnel is effective because its content drives targeted traffic, has an effective value proposition, and demonstrates credibility through case studies and customer examples.

G&C articles are categorized by keywords related to the vulnerabilities your potential customers are looking for. Then prospects read articles that teach them how to solve their pain points. And as they read, they see examples of how G&C implements each lesson and achieves results for its customers.

6. Harvest sales funnels

10 Proven Examples of Sales Funnels in 2023 (and Why They're Converting) (7)

How the Harvest Sales Funnel works

harvestis a time tracking software for companies, consultants and freelancers that allows users to track time, send invoices and much more.

They guide prospects through their sales funnel using educational content, testimonials, live webinars and training sessions, user support and a free trial.

conscience: Harvest ActionsContenton its website, which helps potential customers resolve issues related to time management and billing. This content attracts potential customers and allows Harvest to present its tool as a solution to potential customers' problems.

Interest: Harvest takes prospects to the interest stage by sharing themFührer, Models,webinarsand live training to help potential customers fix pain points with your tool.

Decision: Harvest helps potential customers make a decision by sharing itField reports and case studiesthat provide social proof. They make conversion easy by offering a 30-day free trial.

Action: The free trial lets potential customers experience the value of Harvest. Webinars, training, and a solid user support database help potential customers get the most out of Harvest and increase their chances of switching to paid plans.

Why Harvest's Sales Funnel Is So Effective

Like other SaaS tools, Harvest relies on its free trial to do most of the heavy lifting. But the most effective aspect of Harvest's sales funnel is its robust database of user support, webinars and live training.

These marketing materials not only show how the tool solves potential customers' billing and time management issues, but also help potential customers get the most value out of their free trial so they can switch to paid plans.

7. Funnels of Vendas Mailshake

10 Proven Examples of Sales Funnels in 2023 (and Why They're Converting) (8)

(Video) Best Strategy to Create a Social Media Sales Funnel That Actually Converts with Frazer Brookes

This is how the Mailshake sales funnel works

shake mailis a lead generation tool that helps marketers and businesses collect, qualify, and convert leads on autopilot.

Mailshake uses blog content, affiliate marketing, webinars, targeted product descriptions and product demos to guide prospects through their sales funnel.

conscienceMailshakeblog contentthat helps potential customers solve problems related to lead generation. Potential customers also discover Mailshake from one of your partners.

Interest: Mailshake-HostswebinarsTeach potential customers how to improve your lead generation efforts. During these webinars, Mailshake promotes its platform and shows potential customers how to further improve their lead generation results.

Decision: The Mailshake website shares product descriptions targeted at different user segments (sales, public relations,link building). Each segment can learn about Mailshake features specific to their needs and goals.

Action: Mailshake invites prospects to schedule a 1:1 demo where they give prospects a tour of their product tailored to the prospect's needs and help them choose the ideal user plan.

Why Mailshake's Sales Funnel Is So Effective

Mailshake's sales funnel is effective because of its micro-targeting.

Blog content and webinars are tailored to the unique needs and experiences of your different market segments.

Product descriptions on its website allow potential customers in different market segments to understand how Mailshake can meet their specific needs.

And their 1:1 demos allow Mailshake salespeople to take tours of their tools, tailored to the needs of each potential customer.

8. Mixergy sales funnel

10 Proven Examples of Sales Funnels in 2023 (and Why They're Converting) (9)

This is how the Mixergy sales funnel works

mixeris a membership-based e-learning company offering courses and interviews to help entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

used mixturesocial media sites, ads, influencer marketing, free content, andjunk mailto guide prospects through your sales funnel.

conscience: Mixergy attracts potential customers primarily through social media and paid advertisements. The nature of their product also allows them, like many of them, to take advantage of influencer marketing.job interviewand the courses feature famous entrepreneurs who have their own audience.

Interest: To allow potential customers to experience the benefits of their membership, Mixergy is offering access to 9 free interviews in exchange for subscribing to their email list.

Decision: Mixergy uses email marketing to nurture leads by sharing helpful and inspiring content. They also advertise their courses and interviews so potential clients can better understand what they offer.

Action: Mixergy inserts calls to action (CTAs) into your emails, inviting customers to join your community. CTAs open a landing page that outlines the benefits and value of joining Mixergy: access to over 200 courses and over 1,700 interviews.

Why Mixergy's Sales Funnel Is So Effective

Mixergy's sales funnel is effective because it leverages the great power of influencers and email marketing.

Mixergy attracts the public of entrepreneurs who teach their courses (and do the interviews) because this public is already a fan of the entrepreneurs and wants more access to them. Many of these people are likely to convert because they see their favorite entrepreneurs offering courses in the community.

Mixergy also uses lead nurturing emails to educate prospects on membership value, which sets them up for conversion.

9. Netflix sales funnel

10 Proven Examples of Sales Funnels in 2023 (and Why They're Converting) (10)

This is how the Netflix sales funnel works

Netflixis a paid subscription video streaming service with over 15,000 titles for viewers to enjoy.

(Video) Getresponse Sales Funnel Tutorial Step by Step 2023

Guide prospects through your sales funnel using word of mouth referrals, influencer marketing and attrition reduction.

conscience: Since it was first on the market, the Netflix name has become almost synonymous with streaming services. It also uses a kind of influencer marketing: when potential customers hear that Netflix is ​​streaming movies and TV shows they like, they're willing to get involved.

interest and decision: The main way Netflix generates leads is through public relations through the titles on its platform. When it comes to Netflix shows and movies in pop culture (as is the case with hit shows likeWeird stuff), your ideal customer is more likely to participate, so you can see what's going on.

Action: Netflix makes converting easy by allowing subscribers to cancel at any time, with no hidden fees or long-term commitments. It also promotes the value of more expensive plans, enticing potential customers to upgrade to higher membership levels.

Why the Netflix Sales Funnel Is So Effective

The Netflix sales funnel is effective because it taps into multiple sources of virality.

Since it was launched, the Netflix name has permeated pop culture. Enjoy the buzz generated by the movies hosted on your service and the series/films you create.

They all work together to create a lot of interest in your platform. And joining is easy and risk-free.

10. Rankings.io sales funnel

10 Proven Examples of Sales Funnels in 2023 (and Why They're Converting) (11)

This is how the Rankings.io sales funnel works

Rankings.iois an SEO agency that helps attorneys use search engine marketing to grow their practices.

Use social media, blog content, case studies, newsletters and a podcast to guide prospects through your B2B sales pipeline.

conscience: Publica-Rankings.ioFührer,blog articleand social media posts that teach potential clients how SEO works and how to implement SEO tactics. Use this content to drive prospects down your funnel and convert them into newsletter subscribers and podcast listeners.

interest, decision: To build authority and position itself as a go-to place for law firm SEO, Rankings.io sharescase studiesin their newsletter showing how SEO tactics are being used to help their clients grow their practices.

Hearing a person's voice and seeing their face creates a stronger connection than just reading the words they wrote. For example, Rankings.io shares photos of the people behind their organization in their newsletter and speaks directly to potential customers through their podcast.

Action: After building authority and becoming familiar with your content, Rankings.io invites potential customers to schedule an appointment about your newsletter.

Why the Rankings.io sales funnel is so effective

Service companies must achieve two objectives:

  1. Convince potential customers that you're an expert.
  2. Get prospects to embrace the idea of ​​collaborating with people in your organization.

The Rankings.io sales funnel is particularly effective because the case studies in their newsletter hit goal one and the podcast hits goal two.

Each newsletter includes a photo of your CEO so potential customers can get to know you. And his podcast lets potential customers get to know him and other Rankings.io employees better.

Which of these sales funnel examples is your favorite?

Which of these sales funnels do you think is the most effective?

Perhaps the real question is, which of these funnels best suits your needs? And how can you adapt it to your business?

If you haven't already, reread each company's sales funnels, find one you like, and start building your own high-converting sales funnel.

Your business will be transformed.


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