11 current marketing trends you need to know for 2020 (2023)

As you ramp up your marketing efforts for 2020, it's more important than ever to recognize how the digital marketing landscape is evolving. From search engine algorithms to user intent, the factors that influence marketing are constantly changing. That's why we've compiled this list of emerging marketing trends to watch out for in 2020. Read on for an idea of ​​how to keep your marketing efforts on the cutting edge! With over 1,020 customer testimonials, WebFX is a leading voice in the online marketing industry. For more marketing tips from the experts, visitSubscribe to the recipe weeklyHello!

11 Current Marketing Trends for SMBs

What emerging marketing trends should you watch out for in 2020?

Here are the current top 11Marketing TrendsYou want to include in your marketing plan:

1. Content Marketing

First on our list is a classic marketing technique that remains one of the strongest options out there:content marketing. Web content such as blog posts and long-form content continues to be so successful because it gives users what they want and valuable information in response to their search queries. The key to content marketing is targeting relevant users with valuable content.

You want to specifically search for keywords that relate to your business, and you want your content to be useful, to actually respond to users' searches, so they'll click.

2. Semantic keyword research

Just like content marketing, using keywords to improveOptimization for Search Engines (SEO)It's nothing new. When choosing keywords for your website, you need to ensure that they match the user's search intent for the keyword. That's the idea behind itSemantic keyword search.

If someone searches for "how to fix a lawn mower", you won't be able to put that exact phrase in content that does nothing but promote your lawn mower products. Your page should contain relevant information on how to repair a lawn mower. If they don't match the user's search intent, your site won't rank well in search results.

To understand the search intent for a specific keyword, simply search Google for the keyword and see what content already exists for it. Top ranked content should give you a good idea of ​​what to emulate.

3. Classification for zero position

One of the goals of SEO is to place your content at the top of search results. To be at the top of search results, many companies strive for "position zero". zero position,also called featured snippet, is a field that appears at the top of search results. This position is incredibly coveted, especially for click-through rate (CTR) to the first organic result.decreases by 8%if there is a featured snippet.

You can reach that place by including short, to-the-point answers to questions in your content.11 current marketing trends you need to know for 2020 (1)

4. Personalization

In 2020, customers are looking for personalized ads tailored to their specific personalities and interests. With so many companies turning to them, they don't waste time reading information that isn't relevant to their interests. One of the easiest ways to do this is by sending personalized email promotions.

personalizationincrease email conversion rate by 10%. You can segment your subscribers to send personalized emails based on subscribers' interests. Another way to personalize your emails is to add your subscriber's name to the email.

It's a simple touch, but it can have a big impact on someone's decision to interact with your content.

5. Interactive Content

Another emerging trend in marketing is the desire for more interaction. Rather than looking at a static image on the screen, users want to find places on your site where they can interact with graphics. A simple example of this would be using an interactive pricing tool instead of a chart, where visitors can enter different numbers to get a personalized quote.

6. Videomarketing

Possibly the best attention grabber in today's marketing world is video. If you've ever tried to read a book or concentrate on a task with a TV on right in front of you, you know how hard it is to look away from the fast-moving, eye-catching images on your screen. The same concept is at play in marketing.

For example, when a user scrolls through their social media feed, it can be easy for them to jump right past text- or image-based ads, but a video that plays immediately after it appears is much more likely to grab their attention. In fact, using video in your email marketing can increase your click-through rates.a poner 300%, making video one of the top advertising trends of 2020. To incorporate video into your marketing plan, consider creating a fewYouTube bumper adsthe climbFacebook autoplay video ads.

7. Voice search optimization

In 2010, most people searched Google using a computer keyboard to type things into the search bar. Until 2015, they used the phone keypad. In 2020, these changing trends in marketing have driven more and more people to turn to voice search.

With the advent of technologies like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, people these days often search by speaking out loud, generating a barrage of long-sentence keywords.More than 55% of usersnow use voice search when searching for local businesses. You might consider using more of these phrase-like keywords in your content.

8. Publications that can be purchased

Social media has been a hot spot for advertising for several years now, but one of the most exciting new trends in marketing is shopping posts. Outside ofInstagram-ShoppingAfacebook marketMany social media platforms are launching programs that allow you to buy products directly in the app without going to a company's website. To set this up, you first need a trading account on the platform of your choice.

You can set up purchase posts in your account and start shipping products.

9. Social Media Stories

Stories are another recent marketing trend that originated in social media. Originating on Snapchat and quickly spreading to other platforms, Stories contain photos or videos that are only displayed for a short period of time.Stories offer a great opportunity.to exploit users' fear of missing something.

As stories disappear after a while, people feel more compelled to interact with them so they don't miss out on the content. By using these stories to share information about a sale, you'll attract more people to take advantage of the sale and buy your products. To get started, all you have to do is come up with some ads and offers to post on your social media stories!

10. Browser push notifications

Sometimes users visit your site and leave without purchasing or signing up for anything. In these cases, you can send the user a final interaction request to bring them back to your business. Push notifications have been around for a while now, but they are still popular as ever.

When a user moves their cursor up to click away from your site, you might have a trigger box appear with some sort of offer, such as: B. signing up for an email list. In this way, you can get a larger number of leads.

11. Website Security

In today's world, online security is more important than ever. The need for security is even greater for sites where users submit financial information, and if your site contains an online store, you need to make sure your customers feel secure when using your site. So it's always a good idea to make sure you're using the proper security measures.

Getting an official security certification from a group like PayPal or VeriSign is a great idea, but you should at least make sure your site has it.o protocolo HTTPS— Google will penalize you in the rankings if you don't. To obtain this registration, you must prepare a certificate signing request and request an HTTPS certificate from a certificate authority. After signing the certificate, you can install it on your website.

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