12 examples of social media strategies to optimize your marketing (2023)

If you think that social networks are nothing more than image and video sharing, then you need to take a step back and rethink your marketing strategy. These platforms have become one of the most powerful marketing tools for a brand, so I've selected some examples of social media strategies to demonstrate this power.

Social media allows you to connect with your audience, inspire them, influence them, and ensure your products sell. However, not all brands are successful with their social media presence. If you are looking for creative ways to revitalize your lifesocial media strategy, here are some examples of social media strategies to inspire you.

table of contents

  1. 1. Gillette: The Best Men That Could Be
  2. 2. Apple: #ShotoniPhone
  3. 3. Loot Crate – Align your content with the needs of your target audience
  4. 4. Spotify: Ano Novo
  5. 5. KnowYourLemons – Use images to get your message across
  6. 6. Snickers: An Exciting Competition
  7. 7. BuzzFeed Tasty: Fans Give What They Want
  8. 8. Starbucks: #WhatsYourName
  9. 9. GoPro: Inspire a Lifestyle
  10. 10. Guinness: Sponsored Ads
  11. 11. Beardbrand: No product is too specific
  12. 12. FitBit: Support Your Community
  13. How do you develop your social media strategy?
  14. Social Media Strategy Examples FAQ

1. Gillette: The Best Men That Could Be

You don't always need to market your products in a social media strategy. Instead, you can learn how Gillette conducted its 2019 campaign.The best men can bewas a promotional video posted exclusively on YouTube.

The ad featured cases of men fighting and challenging conventional masculinity. The film ended by encouraging men to hold other men accountable and set a good example for generations to come. He did not fail to recognize that not all people are the same.

Clearly inspired by the #metoo movement, the brand has taken the trend and used it in a positive way to harness its power in society and send a thought-provoking message. Unsurprisingly, the video has been viewed over 30 million times and was an incredible success.

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2. Apple: #ShotoniPhone

12 examples of social media strategies to optimize your marketing (1)

The #ShotoniPhone hashtag has become so popular on social media that you can now find it on almost every cell phone company. But this was first launched as a social media campaign by none other than Apple to not only generate content for the user, but also use it to their advantage.

The hashtag continues to play an important role in all of Apple's smartphone launches. He appears to discuss camera improvements, introduce different camera app features, and even encourage customers to add more content on different social media platforms. In many ways, this campaign gives Apple great long-term results with minimal effort.

3. Loot Crate – Align your content with the needs of your target audience

Loot Crate is a subscription service that will send you a box in the mail. And of course, the brand knows exactly who its audience is. This business's Instagram feed may seem sparse, but the customer focus is on location.

12 examples of social media strategies to optimize your marketing (2)

And that's the first thing you need to get right when launching any social media marketing strategy. You need to know who the potential customers are who are interested in buying from you in order to adjust your strategies accordingly.

For example, if you're looking to target college students, consider including lifestyle content in your social media strategy that matches their current experiences and helps them with their pain points. After all, many students are on a tight budget and often end up asking questions.Can I pay someone to write my work?stay ahead of your classes as they pursue other opportunities on campus. One way to appeal to this young population is to make sure you offer a solution to their pain points and alleviate their predicament. And Loot Crate successfully uses humor to do the same.

4. Spotify: Ano Novo

12 examples of social media strategies to optimize your marketing (3)

You may have already understood the clue; that the most successful social media strategies come with a familiar hashtag. In 2019, Spotify launched the #yearwrapped campaign, which has become standard practice for most brands. This included highlighting your site based on popularity.

Spotify's website showcased the year's most streamed artists, genres and songs. It even had fun facts and ideas that users might find interesting. In fact, he even went a step further to show you how the music you're listening to matches important dates and even events in your life like birthdays.

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Being personalized, Spotify also encouraged its users to share these highlights on social media. In this way, it generated user content and even gained traffic and mentions on various social media platforms. Within a month, the campaign was mentioned in around 1.2 million posts.

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5. KnowYourLemons – Use images to get your message across

12 examples of social media strategies to optimize your marketing (4)

You don't always have to look to other brands for inspiration. Worldwide Breast Cancer has launched its #KnowYourLemons campaign to promote early cancer detection. In fact, the strategy worked so well that the site changed its name to KnowYourLemons.

In 2020, the campaign helped reach over a billion people online. He continues to help women detect changes in their breasts that could indicate breast cancer and thus save their lives. The platform aims to provide women and men with knowledge and help them build the confidence to report changes and participate in detection.

Through images, the platform uses lemons to educate about the different signs of breast cancer, a total of 12. This campaign managed to break censorship rules and use lemons to educate people.

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6. Snickers: An Exciting Competition

Another example of successful implementation of popular marketing strategies is the case of Snickers. The brand created a contest and encouraged users to share their rookie mistakes on Instagram. And if luck is on your side, you could win tickets to the next Super Bowl.

12 examples of social media strategies to optimize your marketing (6)

This is a great example of how you can use skills.increase your traffic. Not only did the Snickers draw in the crowd, they also timed the campaign to coincide with one of the coveted events. So it's likely that whenever the SuperBowl is mentioned online, users are also promoting Snickers. This strategy will help generate more buzz and increase your online visibility.

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7. BuzzFeed Tasty: Fans Give What They Want

Now back to how you can use your feed to attract customers, BuzzFeed Tasty seems to have done the job. Their social media pages are full of delicious, drool-worthy content that will make you want to follow the page even if you don't like to cook.

12 examples of social media strategies to optimize your marketing (7)

Rather than developing long recipe videos, BuzzFeed has focused on creating short videos that give users a glimpse of all the good stuff and just the essential information. Rather than looking like a traditional cooking show, these one or two minute videos were fun for everyone and even helped promote entire recipes.

BuzzFeed Tasty video content is found primarily on Facebook, where the platform has amassed over 100 million followers and has posted thousands of food recipes. They're also set to play as you scroll, meaning you don't even have to press play to see the content.

8. Starbucks: #WhatsYourName

Starbucks UK's #WhatsYourName campaign is one of them.received a lot of attention on social media platforms. It focused on what people would like to be called and created awareness that everyone has the right to choose how they identify themselves in society. The brand has partnered with Mermaids, an organization that supports and empowers gender-biased youth and transgender people.

This has become very popular, not only because of the genuine goodwill behind it, but also because Starbucks has a reputation for getting customers' names wrong. There were videos, photos andpromotional content. The brand even sold a mermaid tail cookie in its stores and encouraged people to post pictures of its cookies on social media platforms. This was also used as a means of raising funds for the mermaid cause.

The cookie was also available in a limited edition, adding a sense of urgency for customers. Starbucks cleverly acquired a TV commercial. It helped spread the message to a wider audience, not just those using social media.

9. GoPro: Inspire a Lifestyle

12 examples of social media strategies to optimize your marketing (8)

The GoPro Facebook page has over 10 million likes and for good reason. If you visit this site, you will find countless videos of people having the most exciting adventures. Packed with action and adrenaline, the site aims to encourage and inspire others to do the same, and preferably with a GoPro so you can capture every precious moment.

Whether you're hiking, skydiving, surfing or doing a backflip, the GoPro can capture it all with a camera strapped to your head. Now the brand's Facebook page is saturated with similar content, but the audience is never bored.

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One thing to note here is that these videos don't exactly show the product, but rather what it can do. Or rather, it promotes the lifestyle the typical GoPro user can or would like to have, not to mention most of it is user generated and also belongs to GoPro hashtags.

10. Guinness: Sponsored Ads

Marketing has always been about promotions, and with social media platforms, a huge percentage has been geared towards driving organic traffic. However, there is still room to buy real estate listings on the internet. It's never a bad idea to use the "promotional" features available on networks like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Guinness was able to use its promoted ads to reach a larger audience on Facebook. They come with targeting features that brands can use to make sure only their potential customers see their ads.

The campaign created by Guinness to promote the UK's Guinness Six Nations international rugby tournament via Facebook was so successful that the social media giant even conducted a case study on how the strategy was implemented.

Guinness also used the Twitter Ads feature to reach a wider audience.

For you and 2 friends to see#SCOvENGswindler@WillGreenwood&@maxevans13No@ElAlmain Wandsworth, tell us about your Made of More moment so far#NatWest6Nations #guinnessgreenwoodserie https://t.co/6tDO9f1NWM
AGB:https://t.co/VitIdbZGJF pic.twitter.com/hrbSv3vDp3

—GuinnessGB (@GuinnessGB)February 13, 2018

The brand also took the opportunity to educate its customers in the art of making beer, gaining likes, views and increasing sales.

11. Beardbrand: No product is too specific

12 examples of social media strategies to optimize your marketing (10)

Beardbrand is another company that sells an online lifestyle. The products of this brand only cater to a specific niche, men with beards, and they do their best to reach the target audience.

This is a great example of small businesses being hesitant to build a social media presence because they feel their niche is too narrow. Beardbrand, on the other hand, has managed to build a cult following among its target audience. The brand uses professional templates and stunning product images for advertising.

Beardbrand also often performspromotionsHype to create your products. This helps drive traffic, maintain brand interest, and start conversations about the band.

12. FitBit: Support Your Community

Fitbit has managed to build a strong reputation in the market in a short period of time and through its strong marketing strategies. This company makes trackers and smartwatches that track activity and health measurements.

12 examples of social media strategies to optimize your marketing (11)

As FitBit predicted, wearable technology has become one of the best products around, and the company's goal-based fitness strategy has become wildly successful. When you visit the FitBit page, it feels like you're joining a fitness support group. You'll find not just products, but a mix of inspirational quotes and other resources to help you stay organized.

His social media presence has helped build a large community where he can support others and share his achievements. The lesson you can take away from this is how to use your social media pages to create a sense of belonging among users.

Not only do you offer your customers added value through products and lifestyle, but you also meet new people. More importantly, you don't even have to be a FitBit user or care what they sell to benefit from the content. This is a perfect example of how to add value to your audience.

As you can see from the dozens of examples we've provided here, a successful social media marketing strategy always focuses on the audience. Know who you're selling to, understand how to improve their lives, and build campaigns around that narrative.

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Once you have this basic foundation for content development, you can integrate campaigns and contests that take advantage of current events or trends to increase engagement. Encouraging users to share and showcase your content also bodes well for your brand.

However, these are strategies that work for most brands and have stood the test of time. You can always find new creative elements and you should try to create ones that make your brand stand out.

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Social Media Strategy Examples FAQ

What social media strategies are there?

Here are some examples of social media strategies:

1. Use influencer marketing correctly
2. Include humor in a positive way
3. Promote user-generated content and engage your community
4. Run contests, giveaways and giveaways on social media

What is an example of a media strategy?

Some of the most popular examples of media strategies are:

1. #ShotinIphone da Apple
2nd year bundled by Spotify
3. Starbucks UK #WhatsYouName campaign
4. GoPro Uplifting Lifestyle and Adventure Campaign.

How to write a social media strategy summary

These are the critical points a social media strategy must have:

1. Your brand goals
2. Story behind your brand
3. Brand voice
4. Who are your target audiences
5. Where will you allocate your budget?
6. What are the achievements and goals
7. What are the current campaigns you have?

(Video) How To Market Your Business On Social Media

What are the five most effective social media marketing strategies?

Here are the five most effective social media marketing strategies:

1. Give value and knowledge to your audience.
2. Create relevant and evergreen content
3. Increase customer loyalty and leverage your user-generated content and reviews.
4. Focus on the platform that best fits your strategy.
5. Connect and interact with other influencers in your niche.

How do you write a media strategy?

Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing a media strategy:

1. Use trends positively.
2. Create a campaign that encourages your audience to showcase your product and engage with user-generated content.
3. Make sure your content is tailored to your audience's needs.
4. Use images to convey your brand message.
5. Integrate current trends or events into your contests, sweepstakes and campaigns.

Practical tips for your digital/content/influencer/social media marketing.

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