20 Businesses You Can Start With For Under $100 (Offline/Online) - MoneyPantry (2023)

20 Businesses You Can Start With For Under $100 (Offline/Online) - MoneyPantry (1)When it comes to starting a small business, most people think that a large financial investment is required.

And while that's true for many small businesses, it's not always the case.

In fact, there are many businesses you can start with little or no start-up costs.

So, the next time you're faced with the question "What to do with $100?", consider this collection of 20 business ideas you can start with an investment of less than $100.

If you are looking for online business opportunities, here are some of the easiest and most affordable online businesses you can start.

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The answers to this question can help you start a business for less than $100.

Once you've identified your passion, you canMaking a Business of Teaching Other Peoplehow to master it

Most people don't show their talent or natural gift enough. But with the right level of confidence, you can turn your passion into a business; This is how even the most successful companies start.

The best part is, thanks to sites likeTutorYWysant.comYou can findtutoring jobswithout spending a dime.

2. Tips

If you are well-versed in a particular industry or industry, a consulting firm is a good idea.

A blog can be the face of your consulting firm, and you can use social media to promote content posted on your blog.

You can also print some cheap business cards and hire other professionals through sites likeMeetup.com. A quality blog guarantees the success of your consultancy.

3. Independent

One ofbest ways to earn money, Being a freelancer doesn't even require you to have a website.

pages such aselance.comOrganize a variety of projects for different skills such as writing, programming, editing or even design where you can sell your expertise.

Being self-employed requires virtually no investment.

4. Vlog on my YouTube

Anyone with a YouTube account today can earn ad revenue by starting a channel and regularly posting videos on it.

Previously, this was not possible because YouTube required users to sign up before it could give them a slice of ad revenue.

The investment required to make vlogs is also quite small.

Equipment costs are also negligible as you can create videos using your laptop's webcam, smartphone camera or even a digital camera.

5. Manage web design

You don't need to know web design to be in this business.

All you have to do is find people who need websites built for them, and then find people willing to build those websites for you for less than the price you offer your customers.

You earn money by putting these two parts together and also managing the project yourself.

6. The blog

There are countless examples of bloggers earning thousands of dollars every month by uploading quality content to their blogs and selling advertising space.

Certainly $100 is more than enough to start a blog and work towards growing your readership.

You can alsoCreate a blog for freewith blogging platforms like Blogger.com and WordPress.com.

7. Creation of information products

This is another way to tap into your in-depth knowledge of a specific niche/category.

You can translate this knowledge into a salable product like an e-book and promote it widely.

Of course, this approach is time-consuming, but it can be done inexpensively by creating a free website.

As for me, I would put that money towards a domain name and hosting space, plus a good web design job.

8. Purchase of domain names

Domain names can be purchased cheaply.

So it's a good idea to start collecting domain names (you can buy .com domains from Godaddy for $0.99) and then sell them to someone or business that needs a nice profit.

This is how I took my baby steps by spending $10 on 10 names.

Buy and sell domainsit is a multi-billion dollar industry that makes many people rich.

One look at auctions on sites like Flippa and Godaddy and it's easy to see why.

9. Programming

One of the most profitable online businesses that can be started with nothing more than skill and determination.

If you don't know how to code, you can enroll in a course and learn the skills you need, or if you don't have the money for that, there are many great websites with step-by-step guides and tutorials to help you learn the skills you need to start your own programming business.

10. Changing websites

Blogging about niche content is pretty easy if you have a decent knowledge of WordPress and a little technical knowledge.

Once you're done, you can simply "turn" this blog to an interested buyer and make a nice profit in the process.

There is a huge demand for blogs that make a lot of money from sources like Commission Junction or Google AdSense. So it would be very easy to find buyers for them.

Offline business ideas under $100

The Internet is not the only source for entrepreneurs to find business ideas with low start-up costs. There are also tons of great options out there.

Here are some of them:

1. Distribution of pamphlets

This is a business that requires almost no capital.

Distributing flyers is also a proven business and a good option if you want to earn money without investing a lot right away.

Starting a brochure distribution business is also quite easy and can even be done from home.

2. Window cleaning company

Window cleaning services are one of the oldest and still most profitable businesses in the world and are in high demand.

In addition, it is also a great option for those who are currently unemployed or looking for something to open a business.

3. Cut to grass

An excellent choice for anyone who enjoys working outdoors, as a lawn mowing business can be established at relatively low cost.

The summer, spring and fall seasons have the highest demand for yard cleaning and other maintenance services.

Although mowing the lawn is hard work, it can have some health benefits in addition to profitability.

4. Cleaning the drying channel

This business is simply cleaning the dryer ducts in a home.

No family can do without cleaning the dryer duct, and the task is also quite simple; therefore, a business that revolves around this is definitely profitable.

In most cases, dryer ducts become clogged with things like lint and dirt, which means regular cleaning is unavoidable.

5. Dog walking

This is a way to start making money almost instantly. There is virtually no investment on your part either. It also works well if you love dogs.

There are many dog ​​owners who want their pets to be safe and sound but just don't have enough time to exercise them on a daily basis.

This business, by its very nature, has the potential to thrive in virtually any city, town, or suburb.

6. Sell candy

The recent recession has seen a notable increase in candy sales, and as such, this is quite a lucrative venture.

I could win you a goodadditional incomeor you can even do it full time.

7. Poop Catcher

The business is cheap, do it yourself, and fairly easy to get started. This is one of those businesses that can be started with virtually no money.

There are plenty of people willing to pay someone else to do what they don't want to do themselves.

8. Sell sandwiches

An ideal store for those who don't just like to conjure up rich thingsEssenbut you also love interacting with different people, making and selling sandwiches can be very profitable.

The main objective of this business is to help customers with quick breakfasts and lunches that are not only delicious but also healthy and less time consuming.

9. Marking of parking spaces

Another business where you can ditch the rulebook, with parking marking, you can choose to use tools that aren't really considered professional grade marking equipment.

However, they are good enough to start with.

You can always use your earnings later to buy nice gear.

10. Paint the sidewalk direction

This business is unique, easy to start and has extremely low setup costs.

All you need is $10-$20 with an inexpensive address kit and you're good to go, you're ready to start your own address painting business.

It's your turn

Have you ever started a business that didn't require large amounts of capital?

Do you know of any other small business ideas that can be started with $100 or less?...

Feel free to share your comments and opinions below.

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