55 Spanish nicknames to call your loved ones, family, friends and pets! (2023)

Want to find a sweet, cute, funny and/or loving Spanish nickname for your loved ones, friends and someone else in your close circle? Spanish nicknames cover all this and more with their fun and interesting sayings and references. This article gives you some of the most common Spanish nicknames for parents, siblings, children, friends and lovers – including their meanings. Interested in other exotic nicknames, check out our blog to read all about themnicknames from all over the world!

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Spanish nicknames for parents

55 Spanish nicknames to call your loved ones, family, friends and pets! (1)

Here are some Spanish nicknames you would use to refer to your mom and dad.

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1. Father, father / mother, mother

Papi (referring to father) and Mami (referring to mother) is a childish, loving and playful way of referring to your parents.

2. man/man

Mom and Dad is a more mature, respectful and loving way for children to refer to their fathers and mothers.

3. The bosses [plural] / (the) boss, (the) boss [singular]

This is a literal translation for "boss". This is a more casual but respectful way of referring to your parents as the authoritative figures in their lives. You can use "Mis Jefes" to say "My parents".

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Spanish nicknames for siblings

55 Spanish nicknames to call your loved ones, family, friends and pets! (2)

Here are some cute, loving and relaxed sibling nicknames for each other.

1. Brother

Hermano refers to a literal "brother" or close male friend with whom you have a significant relationship. The same is implied with Hermana, meaning "sister". This is also sometimes used in everyday English, where Hermano can be used to refer to a "brother".

2. Crowd/Strength

It is the shortened form of "Hermano" and "Hermana" for brother and sister respectively. These colloquial expressions are used to basically say "brother" or "sister". It is usually used for both friends and siblings.

Spanish nicknames for children

55 Spanish nicknames to call your loved ones, family, friends and pets! (3)

Here are some cute and loving Spanish nicknames for parents or older figures that refer to children.

1. Nene / Nena

These nicknames have no real English translation. These terms refer to infants and children around 2-3 years of age. It is a common term of endearment similar to "baby", "sweetie" or "my love".

2. A little / A little

This is a diminutive of "Chico" and "Chica" used for teenagers. Chiquito and chiquita have the suffix "ita", making it more for small children, like a pet.

3. A little

This translates directly to "little" or "child". This nickname is often used by parents referring to their young children.

4. Grinding

This affectionate nickname is used to refer to children as "sweet" or "darling". This can be used for everyone and not just children. You can call anyoneYou miss, "my devotion"!

5. Little girl

Niñita can be translated as "Little girl" and is a term that people use for young girls.

6. Chickens, chickens

This translates to "little chicken" or "chickens" and is often used by parents to refer to their children affectionately. This is also used in many expressions by parents referring to their children and can be both cute and funny, especially when they want to say that their children are misbehaving.

Spanish nicknames for friends

55 Spanish nicknames to call your loved ones, family, friends and pets! (4)

Here are some Spanish nicknames you can use for your boyfriends and girlfriends.

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1. Alfons

Chulo translates directly to"beautiful" in Spanishand is used as a more casual reference suggesting to a guy that you feel he is "cool". Chula is the female equivalent of this term. But the terms are used in a complementary way to indicate that you think someone is beautiful or just nice.

2. After

Güero translates to "blonde" and is an informal word referring to a person with white skin. Güera suggests the female counterpart to this reference.

3. Gossip

This word translates to someone who likes to gossip. It refers to the friend you always have with the latest stories, news and gossip. Chissoso is the male version and Chismosa is the female.

4. The brain

This translates directly to "brain" and is used to refer to the smart and intelligent friend in your friend group. It's a free nickname for anyone who gets it as it compliments their intelligence.

5. Beautiful

This translates to something that is "beautiful" or "really beautiful." It is a distinctive nickname that really expresses appreciation for someone. Lindo refers to the male version of this term and Linda is the female version. You can also try calling them,hermosa, means"beautiful" in Spanish!

6. Stylish

This is a common nickname among girls and literally translates to "girl". It is a pet name that refers to friends who are often teenagers and older.

7. Walnut

Chiflado translates to "crazy" or "crazy" and can be used in jokes between friends. It can also be used to refer to someone who is angry about something or someone.

Spanish nicknames for friends

55 Spanish nicknames to call your loved ones, family, friends and pets! (5)

Looking for a sweet, cute and cute nickname for your baby boy? Here are some great Spanish nicknames for your significant other.

1. My soul

This translates to 'my soul' or 'my soulmate'. This is a common nickname used by partners to refer to each other in a context of high respect and affection, implying that they are significant others to the other.

2. Prins

This translates to "Prince" and is often used to refer to your partner as someone who appreciates and values ​​you. It is a very good reference for a friend.

3. My king

Mi rey translates directly to "my king" and is used as a very loving and respectful nickname for your boy. It highlights how much you think about your boyfriend and that you have placed him in a high place in your life.

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4. My love

This translates directly to "my little paradise" but is actually used as "my sweetie" or "my darling". It is a very affectionate term to refer to your friend.

5. Alfons lighthouse

This translates directly to "handsome father", but is used by partners to refer to their boyfriends as an attractive man. It is a way of calling your boyfriend beautiful and telling him that you find him very attractive.

6. My beloved

This translates to "my love". It is an endearing nickname for your other half and is one of the many common nicknames to call your partner "my love".

7. My life

This translates to "my life" and is a nickname often used by partners who want to let them know how much they mean to each other. It emphasizes the importance you have in each other's lives.

8. Tesoro

Tesoro translates to "my love" which is an endearing nickname for your partner and shows how much you value them in your life.

Spanish nicknames for girlfriends

55 Spanish nicknames to call your loved ones, family, friends and pets! (6)

Do you want to find an adorable and cute nickname for your girlfriend? Here are some beautiful Spanish nicknames for your special girl.

1. Love

Amor directly translates to "Love" and is one of the most common nicknames for your partner. It is a nickname for many girlfriends and a house rule in many romantic relationships. Just say "te amo, mi amor" which means "I love you, My Beloved!".

2. Diagram

This is a common nickname meaning "heart". This is used to express how you feel that your lover is your true love and a big part of you.

3. Chiki

This means "small" and comes from the word "Chiquito". It is usually used to express your admiration for your girlfriend and that you find her cute.

4. My Queen

This translates to "my queen" and is the feminine equivalent of Mi Rey (my king). This is an expression used to tell your girlfriend how important she is in your life.

5. My beloved

This translates to "my beloved" and is the female version of this nickname. This nickname highlights your lover's deep love and importance in your love.

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6. My princess

One of the sweetest sounding nicknames out there, this refers to your sweetheart as "my princess" and is a very sweet and loving nickname.

7. My Little Mermaid

This translates to "my little mermaid" and is a reference to the Disney film The Little Mermaid. This is a romantic nickname that many use for their girlfriends.

Spanish Pet Nicknames

55 Spanish nicknames to call your loved ones, family, friends and pets! (7)

Even our most beloved family members, like our pets, have nicknames in Spanish! Here are some cute nicknames for the biggest loves in our hearts.

1. Baby

Bebé is a common Spanish nickname that directly translates to "baby". It can be used with any special person in your life and is often used with your most loved pets as they are the most pampered in the house!

2. Chubby

This nickname directly translates to "fat", which sounds like toughEnglish nickname, but is often used as a term of endearment to express your love for your fur.

3. Engel

Mi ángel or "my angel" is a common Spanish nickname to show how much we see our pets as a great gift from God.

4. My precious

A very affectionate Spanish nickname is "mi precioso" or "mi preciosa" which means my precious. It really highlights how much we value our pets.

5. My little piece of heaven

This means "my little piece of heaven", which comes from the nickname "mi cielo". It is mainly used to express our admiration for our pets and show them how much we love them!

Have you found your perfect Spanish nicknames?

We are sure that you have chosen the cutest Spanish nicknames for your friends, family, partner and children in your life. Having love quotes for the important people in your life is a great way to keep your relationships strong and full of love and good feelings. Did you like learning about these Spanish nicknames? Expand your Spanish knowledge and check out this article on how to say itgood morning in spanish.

So come toAmazingTalkerto learn Spanish and other interesting languages ​​from our professional teachers who will adapt the lessons to your needs. See you there!

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55 Spanish nicknames to call your loved ones, family, friends and pets! (8)


What is the Spanish pet name for my love? ›

Spanish Nicknames for Lovers
  • Mi amor. Mi amor is one of the most common terms of endearment in Spanish. ...
  • Mi alma. The Spanish are known for being romantic. ...
  • Papi chulo. Chances are you've heard this one before. ...
  • Cariño. ...
  • Hermosa. ...
  • Mi amado / Mi amada. ...
  • Príncipe / Princesa. ...
  • Mi cielito.
Feb 14, 2023

What is a pet name in Spanish? ›

pet name, the ~ (nickname) apodo, el ~ (m) Noun. sobrenombre, el ~ (m) Noun. alias, el ~ (m) Noun. mote, el ~ (m) Noun.

What are nicknames for Spanish people? ›

  • Corazón de melón.
  • Güey / tío(a)
  • Chulo(a)
  • Mi hija (mija), mi hijo (mijo)
  • Loco(a)
  • Spanish nicknames for children. Muñeco(a) Chico(a) Papi (ito) / mami (ita) Pollos, pollitos. Nene, nena. Final thoughts on Spanish nicknames.
Sep 6, 2021

How do you make a Spanish nickname? ›

Forming Spanish nicknames

Some Spanish apodos are formed using diminutives. They feature the suffixes -ito or -ita at the end of a person's name, an adjective or a noun. For instance, the nickname gordito uses the Spanish adjective gordo in its diminutive form, and has the diminutive suffix -ito added to the end.

What is a cute pet name in Spanish? ›

Nicknames for a girlfriend or wife
10 more rows
Jan 24, 2023

What is a sweet name to call you babe in spanish? ›

Cute Spanish Nicknames

There are some creative Spanish nicknames, such as mi perrito (“my puppy”), mi cielito (“my little heaven”), and amorcito (“little love”). Some more cute couple nicknames: Media naranja – “My better half” or literally, “half an orange” Ojos de ángel – “Angel eyes”

What names can I call my pet? ›

100+ Cute Names for Pets
  • Angel. Diamond. Lilly. Baby. Fleur. Lola. Bambi. Flower. ...
  • Bad Dog. Duke. Killer. Cujo. Evil. King. Demon. Hate. ...
  • Baby. Cuddles. Panda. Beautiful. Handsome. Piglet. Chibi. Hottie. ...
  • Brownie. Hershey. Moony. Chocolate. Inkblot. Midnight. Cocoa. Inky. ...
  • Animal. Kooky. Mavericks. Bear. Fizz. Nibbles. Buzz. ...
  • Biggie. Horse. Ogre. Burly. Hulk. Rex. Dino.
Mar 16, 2023

Is Bae a pet name? ›

(You know, like “baaaa?”) Nowadays, when people say the word, they're not typically talking about animal noises. Instead, bae is almost always used as a term of endearment for something or someone.

What is nickname and pet name? ›

A pet name is a special name that you use for a close friend or a member of your family instead of using their real name. Synonyms: nickname, term of endearment, affectionate name More Synonyms of pet name.

What is a nickname for a lover? ›

If you're in a relationship, it's not unusual to give your partner nicknames, including but not limited to: bae, baby, my love, boo, sweetheart, etc.

What do Spanish people call friends? ›

If you're studying Spanish, you probably know that amigo is the word for 'friend.

What is the Spanish nickname for sister? ›

Nicknames for Sister in Spanish

Hermana- sister. Hermanita- little sister. Pollita- little chicken. Conejita- little bunny.

What is the Mexican slang for mom? ›

Madre is a word that you hear a lot in Spanish Mexican slang. The word, of course, means “Mother.” But when used in Mexican slang the word is actually used to accentuate other words or sentences, and makes them more powerful.

What is a cute name for mom in Spanish? ›

Nicknames for Mom in Spanish

Mamacita. La Mejor (the best) Ma. Mami.

How do you call your bestie? ›

Nicknames for Girl Best Friends
  1. Bestie.
  2. BFF.
  3. Queen.
  4. Senorita.
  5. Girly.
  6. Gal.
  7. Friend for Life.
  8. Forever Friend.
Mar 13, 2020

What are unique nicknames? ›

Funny Best Friend Nicknames
  • Nugget.
  • Teacup.
  • Oldie.
  • Shortie.
  • Kiddo.
  • Smarty.
  • Boomer.
  • Scout.
Jun 19, 2022

Can love be a pet name? ›

Finally, let's consider the third most popular pet names in each state. This is where “dear,” “sweetie,” and “love” really start to take the cake as far as pet names go.

How do you call your BAE in Spanish? ›


Also, hermoso/hermosa, guapo/guapa, bonito/bonita refer to the same thing.

How do you say BAE in Spanish for girlfriend? ›

Bebé: “Baby” in Spanish, but essentially used the same as “babe” or “baby” in English when talking to your loved one. You could also use nena for “babe”.

What is the Mexican slang for baby? ›

Nene/a. Nene is baby talk for “baby.” Note that nene is the masculine and nena is the feminine. Nene/a is also used as a term of endearment, much like you might call a loved one “darling.”

What are 4 letter pet names? ›

Pick the best 4 letter dog names like Dash, Bear, Abby, Hugo, Jazz, Luna, Nero, Lucy, Finn, Lexi, Hope, Cleo, Chic, Gigi and many more...

What is a cute name for a tiny animal? ›

Cute pet names are especially great for small animals such as chinchillas, mice, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs and hamsters. Try Pompom, Buttercup, Cookie, Daisy, Patch, Button, Biscuit, Lilly or Little paws.

What are Brazilian pet names for boyfriend? ›

Apart from “love”—the most commonly used, other pet names for a lover could be: amoreco (“beloved”), môre (“special”), fofo (“fluff”), fofinho (“cuddles”), minha vida (“my life”), meu bebê (“baby”), paixão (“passion”), coração (“heart”), xuxuzinho (“sweet pumpkin”), flor de maracujá (“passion flower”)…

Is gorgeous a pet name? ›

Pet names are a bit like marmite – some hate them, some love them – with favourites such as 'gorgeous', 'babe' 'beautiful' and pumpkin all ranking highly on the list.

Is Boo a girl nickname? ›

Boo is a gender-neutral name of American origin. A popular term of endearment during the 90s and early 2000s, Boo has become a name in its own right. Short and sweet, this cute moniker makes a playful choice for your little one.

What is pet name slang for? ›

: a name that a person uses for someone to show love or affection.

Is nickname one word? ›

Nickname is a closed compound word, which is a word formed by joining two separate words together without a space or hyphen. Nickname may be used as a noun or a verb, related words are nicknames, nicknamed, nicknaming.

Do pets know their nicknames? ›

Do Dogs Know Their Names? Studies have shown that dogs process language in a similar way that humans do, using both sides of their brain to understand body language, tone of voice, and context clues. With this method, dogs can learn many different words, including their own name and various nicknames.

How can I call someone I love? ›

44 Sweet, Romantic, and Quirky Couple Nicknames
  • Babe. If you're looking for a classic nickname, you can't go wrong with this staple. ...
  • Baby. "Baby" is another go-to nickname that will stick even after you have kids. ...
  • (My) Beloved. "My beloved" was once the most popular term of affection. ...
  • Darling. ...
  • Love. ...
  • Love Bug. ...
  • Lover. ...
  • Hot Stuff.
Apr 28, 2023

What pet name do guys like? ›

Generally cute nicknames for your boyfriend
  • Boo.
  • Booboo Bear.
  • Sweetheart.
  • Baby Boy.
  • Baby/Babe.
  • Baby Love.
  • Boo Thang.
  • Love Bug.
Feb 6, 2023

What do Mexicans call each other as friends? ›

The word camarada (comrade), can be used practically in every Spanish-speaking country to refer to your friends and pals, informally.

What do Puerto Ricans call their friends? ›

The word “corillo” is the Puerto Rican slang for friends or a group of friends. You might hear someone say, “Vamos! Salgamos con el corillo!”

What is friends feminine in Spanish? ›

La amiga, or una amiga is a word you can use when referring to a female friend in Spanish. The best way to tell that this phrase is used for female friends is to remember that it uses the feminine article la. Amiga means “friend” just as amigo does, but don't use it if you're talking about a male friend.

What are cute Spanish nicknames for your boyfriend? ›

Spanish Nicknames for Boyfriends
  • Mi alma. This translates to “my Soul” or “my Soulmate”. ...
  • Príncipe. This translates to “Prince” and is often used to refer to your partner as a someone you regard highly and think the highly of. ...
  • Mi Rey. ...
  • Mi Cielito. ...
  • Papi Chulo. ...
  • Mi Amado. ...
  • Mi Vida. ...
  • Tesoro.
Aug 1, 2022

What do siblings call each other in Mexico? ›

Immediate family members in Spanish
Younger brotherHermano menorair-ma-no meh-nor
Older sisterHermana mayorair-ma-na ma-yor
Younger sisterHermana menorair-ma-na meh-nor
Half-brotherMedio-hermanomeh-de-oh air-ma-no
19 more rows
Jun 20, 2022

What is Tita a nickname for? ›

It acts as an adorable nickname for many monikers, including Martita, meaning “lady,” and Titiana, meaning “honor.” Tita can also come from the Greek name Titania, meaning “giant,” and can connect baby to the pre-Olympus Greek gods, the Titans.

Is Madre a cuss word? ›

(Expression): While its literal translation may seem nice (it means like a mother to me), it actually is an offensive insult. It means “I don't give a damn” or “I don't care.”

What is Mom in Puerto Rican slang? ›

A colloquial and child's form of the Spanish mamá, mami literally means “mommy” in Latin-American Spanish, especially in the Caribbean.

What is grandma in Mexico? ›

Abuela. As any Spanish-speaking family knows, "abuela" or "abuelita" translates to "grandmother" in Spanish. You can also call grandma by a shorthand version, including "tita," "abbi," and "lita."

What are Italian nicknames for mom? ›

The name almost all children call their mother (madre) in Italian, no matter their age, is mamma, which translates as mom / mommy in American English or mum / mummy in British English. Three possible variations are the affectionate diminutives mammi, mami and mammina.

What is the Latina word for mom? ›

Mamá” is the standard word to call your Mom in Spanish.

What does ama mean in Spanish mom? ›

feminine noun (Mexico, Central America) mum (Brit) (informal) ⧫ mom (US) (informal)

What are 2 best friends called? ›

best friend
  • bosom buddy.
  • close friend.
  • companion.
  • confidant.
  • dear friend.
  • pal.
  • soul mate.

What is a fancy name for friend? ›

1 comrade, chum, crony, confidant. 2 backer, advocate. 4 ally, associate, confrere, compatriot.

What is the nickname of friendship? ›

BFF (Best Friend Forever)

What do you call a romantic partner in Spanish? ›

"romantic partner" in Spanish

volume_up. romantic partner. ES. volume_up. pareja romántica.

What are the pet names for lovers? ›

44 Sweet, Romantic, and Quirky Couple Nicknames
  • Babe. If you're looking for a classic nickname, you can't go wrong with this staple. ...
  • Baby. "Baby" is another go-to nickname that will stick even after you have kids. ...
  • (My) Beloved. "My beloved" was once the most popular term of affection. ...
  • Darling. ...
  • Love. ...
  • Love Bug. ...
  • Lover. ...
  • Hot Stuff.
Apr 28, 2023

What do guys like being called by their girlfriend? ›

Men like being complimented on their appearance, as well as their personality. Nicknames are a great way to express affection and familiarity. "Cutie" or Good-looking" are great nicknames when flirting, while names like "Babe" or "Honey" are better for committed relationships.

What do Papi Chulo mean? ›

A direct translation of papi chulo from Spanish is “pimp daddy,” with papi being a diminutive form of “father” (and used like “baby”) and chulo meaning “pimp” but also “attractive,” “cocky,” or “cool” in colloquial settings.

What does it mean when a guy calls you Chiquita? ›

Quick Answer. chiquita. = cutie, honey, little girl.

What is a flirty name to call my boyfriend? ›

If you're in a relationship, it's not unusual to give your partner nicknames, including but not limited to: bae, baby, my love, boo, sweetheart, etc.

What is the best nickname for your love? ›

Romantic nicknames for your boyfriend
  • My Sweet Love.
  • Love of My Life.
  • Heart's Dearest.
  • Dear.
  • My Whole Heart.
  • Dreamboat.
  • Lover.
  • Lovely.
Feb 6, 2023

What is a nickname for a secret lover? ›

A paramour is a lover, and often a secret one you're not married to.

Can guys call a girl BAE? ›

"The word babe has highly adaptive qualities," Sullivan says. "It can be used by any gender, among S.O.'s, even often among friends. We use the term when calling a partner by name isn't strong enough to express all of your feelings.

What do men find hot? ›

Men prefer a woman who can stay calm and relaxed. Beauty is more than make-up and a fancy haircut. Men find women more attractive when they are neat and clean. Men find women who smell nice, who have clean hair and hydrated skin more attractive than a face perfectly covered in makeup.

What does babe mean to a guy? ›

To put it simply, when you call someone babe, it probably means that you have feelings for them. "Its use in any form means that you are attracted and proud to be with your partner," Sullivan says.


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