7 Best Commercial Front Door Systems in 2021 (2023)

With more commercial buildingsreopening, property managers are focused on making sure their sites are safe for tenants. The process of reopening a building is not an easy task and there are many moving parts, but one tops the list.access control. Even before the pandemic, access control was a high priority for organizations committed to providing a secure environment.

Although most attention is paidSecurity measuresAs with disinfection and ventilation stations, the importance of access control cannot be underestimated. Access control sets the tone for the overall physical security of your building. The ability to control who enters your building is critical to maintaining a safe environment. In addition to enforcing security policies, property owners and managers need to be aware of the importance and value of access control.

Access control for commercial buildings

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Every commercial building has unique challenges and requirements. When it comes to access control for commercial buildings, there is no such thing as a copy and paste model. Rather, there are certain principles and best practices that can improve the strength of a commercial building's security posture. Some practical tips are:

  • Get a professional security assessment.
  • Check who has access to your building.
  • Conduct periodic tests and audits of your security systems.

Physical security is the most fundamental aspect of your building's defenses, and door entry systems play an important role. Door access systems offer more access control, allowing you to track and monitor access to your building while enforcing security policies. You can choose from several input methods and aprofessional security integratorcan help you integrate contactless and mobile access control methods.

Types of door opening systems.

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In physical security, door opening systems fall into the area of ​​access control. Commercial buildings use a variety ofaccess control solutionsto meet the challenge of determining who can access your location. Three known solutions include:

keyboard access control
Visitors and employees enter the correct PIN code to gain access. Keypad entry systems often allow the use of multiple codes and are a simple and effective way to restrict and grant access.

mobile access control
Mobile access control systems provide access to secure buildings and rooms with just a few clicks on mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and handheld devices.

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contactless access control
Touchless, also known as contactless access control, comes in the form of mobile access, video intercoms, and facial recognition systems. Contactless access control creates a hands-free environment, reducing touchpoints throughout the building.

There are many different door opening systems and solutions. Here they areThe 7 best commercial goalkeepers of 2021.

HID door opener system

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HIDDEN worldis the market leader in the world of access control. For decades, HID has helped organizations protect assets with a combination of physical security and logical access control. HID offers a comprehensive mix of available features such asaccess controlThis can be time-based real-time monitoring, scalable solutions and one-on-one support from concept to implementation.

For organizations looking for a seamless end-to-end platform, HID offers a complete solution. This includes support for badge printing, visitor management, mobile access control and biometric authentication. HID is also a preferred brand for commercial buildings looking to upgrade their legacy access control technology.

HID mobile access control

Speaking of convenience, withHID-Mobilzugangemployees can access doors, gates, networks and more with their smartphone, tablet or handheld device. An online management portal allows administrators to grant and revoke permissions for employees and visitors as needed. HID Mobile Access is delivered through a highly secure and reliable cloud platform, backed by a service level agreement of at least 99.5% service availability.

HID contactless access control solutions

With the reopening of commercial buildings, reducing the points of contact between people and objects remains a priority. To support these efforts, HIDcontactless access controlSolutions that:

  • Enable contactless access to doors, facilities and more
  • Minimize face-to-face interactions when managing lobbies and visitor management
  • Provide real-time building occupancy data to help with compliance and social distancing

In short, HID provides secure and innovative access control solutions that increase security and convenience.

honeywell intercom

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Honeywell Access Control Systemsthey are often used in facilities with critical infrastructure. Known for quality, cutting-edge technology and a focus on integrated security software, Honeywell offers a complete access control package. Honeywell's built-in capabilities enable organizations to address scalability and usability challenges. The system can grow with the organization as needed, with no absolute limit on the number of users supported and support for a multi-site system.

Honeywell's Win-Pak Integrated Security Software is a single browser-based interface that offers many benefits, especially for organizations looking to centralize their security systems. The software allows security integrators to blend access control with intrusion prevention and video surveillance. This allows you to access and manage the system from any secure internet connection. It also supports integration with third-party solutions that support mobile access control and contactless solutions.

Honeywell Mobile Access Control

Honeywell WIN-PAK 4.8The software solution provides a cost-effective way to integrate and manage access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection from a single interface. It also allows for mobile credentials, providing more flexibility and security for organizations that want to use a more advanced solution.access control system.

Honeywell Hassle Free Access Control Solutions

as expected,Honigwelldoes not ignore the growing demand for contactless access control solutions. Its Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite platform addresses the challenge of minimizing contact throughout the building, enabling:

  • Using facial recognition software to automate access control
  • Access to server and device based analytics
  • Real-time video surveillance monitoring to provide quick response

Ultimately, Honeywell access control systems provide commercial buildings with the technology needed to deliver sophisticated security solutions.

Envoy Commercial Gate Entry System

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sentdecides to focus its efforts on controlling access to office environments, both for security and health. In many ways, we can say that Envoy specializes in an important aspect of access control, visitor management. A visitor management system tracks usage of a website. By collecting specific data, a visitor management system tracks site usage by individual visitors and documents the whereabouts of visitors. This feature is particularly useful due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

As commercial buildings adapt to the post-pandemic era, property managers must integrate systems that allow continuous visitor control. Envoy systems make it easy for employees to be notified of the arrival of their guests. Envoy can track visitors, allow them to digitally sign documents such as

Envoy Mobile Access Control

cell phone sentis the companion mobile app for Envoy products, designed to help you make the most of your workspace. Anyone in your organization can download and use the Envoy mobile app. Depending on the Envoy products your workplace uses and if an employee also has admin permissions, the app will have different features available, for example B. manage incoming deliveries and register guests.

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Contactless solutions from Envoy

Envoy focuses on helping organizations create acontactless registrationProcedure. This is also an important feature given today's demand for contactless security integration. With Envoy, employees and visitors can

  • Check in without having to touch a device at the front desk
  • Access important information before someone arrives
  • Integration with other tools that support a safe workplace

For commercial buildings that value access control and visitor management, Envoy Systems offers a variety of practical solutions.

SALTO access control systems

7 Best Commercial Front Door Systems in 2021 (6)

HOPAccess control systems are used in office buildings across the world. Its focus is on helping commercial buildings provide a safe and comfortable environment for employees, visitors and outside guests. SALTO strives to differentiate its systems by offering seamless integration with PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) systems and building management systems to make it easier for property managers to incorporate SALTO into their existing systems.

Salto Mobile access control

Salto is based on intelligent locks for the business environment. These smart locks provide cloud-based access control for any type and size of business. Thatsomersault locksthen it can be controlled through the cloud. There is a somersault app that can be used to control blocking, with chunky controls for example. B. the ability to hand the mobile key to anyone with a smartphone, eliminating the need for an access card to pick a lock. As Salto is managed in the cloud, it can be controlled remotely from anywhere with a web browser.

Contactless solutions from Salto

Salto's contactless solutionit comes in the form of their Wave XS access solution. The Wave XS is a one-button touchless smart access control solution that allows seamless operation for a large number of enabling devices. In addition, Wave XS Reader offers:

  • 100% contactless automated access control
  • IP65 degree of protection for indoor and outdoor use
  • Contactless button technology

Simply put, Salto's access control solutions can help commercial buildings increase their security without compromising their security.

Kisi access control systems

7 Best Commercial Front Door Systems in 2021 (7)

collectis an access control provider with software and hardware solutions including readers, controllers,cloud-based management platformand a mobile app. Kisi's access control uses mobile credentials via a smartphone app, and the reader also supports access cards. Cloud-based access control and mobile credentials are ideal for commercial properties, office buildings and multi-home applications, offering more flexibility and easier management compared to legacy systems.

Kisi mobile access control

With Kisi, each user can have access by cell phone and/or card. This allows real estate managers/construction engineers to configure Kisi based on the use case. WithKisi mobile access controlUsers simply touch a Kisi reader with their smartphone to gain access. Authorized users can also open doors, elevators and conference rooms.

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Kisi contactless solutions

Kisi offers a variety of solutions to facilitate hands-free access to doors and elevators. From contactless readers to contactless elevator control panels, Kisi is part of the contactless trend. In addition, Kisi systems allow

  • remote access sharing
  • Ability to implement two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security
  • Lockout features for added access control coverage

Kisi's access control solutions are a solid choice for organizations that prefer cloud-based systems to traditional on-premise legacy security technology.

open road

7 Best Commercial Front Door Systems in 2021 (8)

open roadIt was designed with developers, homeowners, property managers and wealth managers in mind. Openpath works with all types of access, including parking barriers, elevators and garages. From one building to multiple buildings, property managers building a new system can use the latest and greatest technology to spend less and get more. Tenants can be assured of real-time updates as they happen.

Openpath mobile access control

OpenPath Mobile Accessallows users to open a connected port quickly and securelyOpenPath Access Controlsystem with your smartphone. Their system allows property managers to manage their entire database from any authorized browser or device.

contactless openpath solutions

Openpath contactless access controlThe solutions support mobile credentials and hands-free unlocking configurations suitable for any commercial building. Whether waving at the Openpath reader or using the app that allows users to open doors with one touch, Openpath offers a variety of contactless solutions that allow:

  • Free entry
  • Digital ID card for added security
  • Automatic access detection for fast and smooth access

Openpath allows property managers to upgrade their commercial property access systems without the hassle or expense of replacing legacy security technology they already own.

BOSCH access control systems

7 Best Commercial Front Door Systems in 2021 (9)

bosch access controloffers a scalable and effective solution for a variety of applications. Includes a variety of software and hardware options to meet different needs. There is a choice of hardware, modular access controllers, readers and cards that can be supported by different software solutions as the system scales to meet business needs.

BOSCH mobile access control

BOSCH mobile access controlA new partnership between STid and Bosch Building Technologies offers a mobile, contactless access control solution for buildings. To use this solution, users need to install the STid mobile app on their smartphone to obtain a unique ID number. So when you show your mobile phone to the reader, the ID authorization authorizations inside theaccess management systemo The building integration system is verified by AMC2 before access is granted.

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Contactless solutions from BOSCH

The Bosh BIS 4.8 system has a lot to offer when it comes to contactless solutions. Not only does it allow users to manage building safety, security and automation with a single system, it also enables:

  • Contactless access options using facial recognition
  • Contactless fingerprint or mobile access
  • Up to 2000 users on up to 25 intrusion control panels

Bosch access control systems increase a building's security posture while efficiently increasing security.

In addition to door opening systems

As commercial building owners and property managers upgrade their operations to create a safer environment, it is important to consider a variety ofsecurity solutionscapable of cost-effectively supporting security efforts while minimizing business disruption. In addition to effective door entry systems, property managers should consider integrating contactless and mobile access control systems throughout the building.


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