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Business Proposal (2022) 480p 720p 1080p Korean Drama Hindi Dub Free Download | Business Proposal (2022) Full Korean Drama Online.

Strategic Plan is a South Korean lighthearted comedy television series based on the webtoon of the same name, written by HaeHwa and produced by Narak. Coordinated and composed by Park Seon-ho

Commercial Offer (2022) K-Drama Hindi Synchronous Download [Google Drive] (1)

by Han Seol-hee and Hong Bo-hee starring Ahn Hyo-seop, Kim Se-jeong, Kim Min-kyu and Seol In-ah. It tells the story of Shin Ha-ri, a worker who admits going to a scheduled meeting instead of her partner, only to find out that her boyfriend is actually her boss.

The series aired on SBS TV every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. (KST) from February 28 to April 5, 2022 for 12 episodes.

During its run, Business Proposition has nearly multiplied its television ratings and maintained its highest ratings into its tenth episode. According to Nielsen Korea, the series recorded an 11.4% rating for its latest episode. In addition, it outperformed the Content Power Index (CPI) with 357.7 positions in the first seven days of April 2022.

After airing on Netflix, Business Proposal appeared at number 6 in the week-by-week non-English TV shows viewership list for the seven-day period March 7-13. The following week, it rose to number one, where it stayed for quite a while, logging 32.5 million search hours in just seven days from March 28 to April 3.

It was the first Korean series originally released and produced by a local company to top the chart.[80] The show was particularly successful in Asia, ranking as the top series in various countries including Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore, while staying at number two in India and Sri Lanka for seven days strengthened stretch. from March 28th to April 3rd.

Following the success of the series, Kakao Entertainment announced that the webtoon is currently the second most famous candid comic ever produced at Kakao's Foundation, while prospects for the first webnovel had increased tenfold. Additionally, during the show's runtime, both took the top two spots for most-watched stories about the founding of Kakao.

Between March and May 2021, the media stated that Ahn Hyo-seop and Kim Se-jeong received offers to appear in the television series and are considering them.[31][32] In late 2021, Kakao Entertainment confirmed the performance of the two artists, while Seol In-ah and Kim Min-kyu's private companies reported that the two would star in the show.

Over the next few months, Kim Kwang-kyu, Jung Young-joo, and Yoon Sang-jeong were cast in supporting roles, while screenwriter Han Seol-hee directly suggested Kim Hyun-sook, with whom she had recently worked on Miss Ugly Young. : ae.[30] On January 18, 2022, photos of the reading of the content were delivered. Part of the show's filming locations are Yongin Daejanggeum Park, Heyri Art Valley and Yacht 1004 in Sinan County.

This show is essentially your chaebol dramatization. a rich guy who succumbs to a regular slut lady. common plot, happy ending, blah blah. Nothing about this show really caught my eye, and that's my fair guess. Anyway, the cinematography, science and casting was AMAZING! I loved the offbeat vibes and the soundtrack! they worked so hard on Melomance (if you don't know them, check them out! I love their music).


The first couple, Kang Tae Moo and Shin Ha Ri were really adorable. although Tae Moo made me cringe from time to time...sorry if you didn't want to hear that...anyway, Ahn Hyo Seop's acting was somewhere in the middle for me. I LOVE IT, don't get me wrong. I love a sexy Korean who speaks his native language and English, but I don't know, there was something solid about him.

Kim Se Jeong effectively played Ha Ri. I just appreciated her quirky style! she really has me madly in love with her personality. The second couple, Cha Sung Hoon and Jin Young. You left my FAVORITE couple. They actually had BETTER and more NATURAL science than the first couple.

Both Kim Min Kyu and Seol In A worked effectively (transport them discreetly after this performance together!!). The rest of the cast was amazing and I think the actual cast aired this show. from grandfather, Ha Ri's close family, to Young Se's annoying (but interesting) cousin. I ended up ripping my lungs out laughing.

the reason this show didn't get noticed, well... it went by way too fast, tbh. The plot was substantial and unsurprising. There certainly wasn't a strong plot for me and lots of cliffhangers. I wish I had seen more, I wish my questions had been answered. I wish it was done..

If you are looking for amazing science, an amazing cast, tons of beautiful, heartbreaking minutes where you can't resist the urge to scream and babble when you reach a few blocks laugh 'till your heart breaks, with a somewhat weak story. . ...then this could be an ideal concert for you.



May 14, 2022 7:03 am

I finished watching this show yesterday. Wow, it's really amazing. I really enjoyed watching this series. The story is so good. That's another Cinderella story though, this show is really interesting. Each of the cast performs really impressive.

This was my most memorable moment watching a Kim Se Jong concert. I think she's a decent actress and good at playing satirical characters. He has an extraordinary science with Ahn hyeo seop. Ahn Hyeo Seop's acting was also great. I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys watching rom-coms. sarangha!!!


May 10, 2022 6:22 am

Charming, lovable, quite attractive at the end of the unforgettable day. I really won't remember this show in a month.

It is a direct action beyond the beginning when Ha-ri was Geum Hui. Assuming she had to take on this role for an extended period of time and promote this job and everything that goes with it, they could have something great. However, once that was over, all creativity was gone.

At best, Kang Tae-moo and Shin Ha-ri couldn't convince as a couple. She usually seemed reluctant to get involved with him. There was no science. The later pair was of greater interest and, moreover, could have been further studied.

Lee Min-Woo (the restaurant owner) had a pretty stressful job to do and he didn't even seem happy the whole series. He was an unpleasant person.

It can be watched, but only once and doesn't need Season 2 anymore.

A foreign

May 30, 2022 6:29 am

I give this show 7/10 for a well-worn plot and high-speed dramatization. Even though this show moved all tiktok, I didn't get any ads. I love Ha Ri's satire and drama, but overall it was a buzzword. Even the leading and supporting actors never left their conventions,

which would have been better if they had been nonchalantly cooperative instead of being formal to the end. Also in episode 12 many things happened together and it was sung as if one thing happened after the other.

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