Culture in Italy: A Guide to Italian Customs and Traditions (2023)

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Are you looking forward to experiencing this rich Italian culture on your next vacation plans? Consult the Guide to Fodor's Traditions and Etiquette in Italy.

Italian culture is famous all over the world andItaliansDeeply held traditions and core cultural values ​​influence every aspect of daily life, from food and clothing to coffee and language. Get a unique insight into Italy's fascinating cultural differences and avoid embarrassing mistakes with our guide to the customs and etiquette that make Italy so special.

Do's and Don'ts on Sightseeing

unless you're therethe beach, slippers and skimpy clothing are a huge taboo and instantly set you apart as a tourist among the smartly dressed locals. Dress comfortably but appropriately by choosing light, loose-fitting clothing for the hot summer months. When summer temperatures soar above 100°F, the crisp, cool waters of Italian springs can look very inviting, but resist the urge to jump in. Jumping into an ornamental fountain will result in a severe reprimand and a hefty fine.

with so much toSeeing, doing and experiencing in Italy is also a good ideafor a quick snack or packed lunch, but be careful where you eat it. Picnics are prohibited at many of the main attractions and you can be fined for sitting and eating on the steps of churches, fountains and monuments.

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This is also worth mentioningItaly is full of churches, many of which contain world-famous works of art. However, they are also sacred places of worship; so cover yourself in modest clothing and make sure your shoulders and knees are not visible before entering.

You should never bring food into a church or drink from the water bottle inside. If you have a cell phone, turn it off before entering. And never go into a church when a service is in progress, especially if it's a private matter like a wedding or christening.

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italian food label

Italians eat lateFor this reason, non-tourist restaurants usually open around 7:30 p.m., but only families and foreigners eat so early, and the tables don't fill up until 9 p.m. m. or even 10 p.m. m. To last until dinner later, do like the Italians and go first for an aperitif. order a glass of wineSprayin a bar and they will bring you snacks when you are hungry.

Italians take eating out very seriously, miTable Mannersit can be quite formal. Be courteous to your server, keep noise to a reasonable level, and don't yell across the room for attention. When you finish eating and are ready to leave, ask the waiter for the bill (the declaration). Italians don't like to be rushed at meal times, so no waiter brings you the bill until you ask for it. Don't order a doggy bag, taking leftovers doesn't come naturally.

The custom of tipping is a bit confusing in Italy, so here is the summary: Tipping is not mandatory, but it is a nice gesture to leave a few euros to the waiter if you have received good service. If he has had a bad experience, he doesn't feel obligated to leave anything behind. Your bill may also include a 10% service charge, and many restaurants charge a nominal amount for bread and water, so read the fine print on the menu carefully.

Although smoking has been banned in bars and restaurants since 2005, it is still allowed in outdoor seating. Since smoking is still widespread in Italy, sit inside if you want to avoid secondhand smoke. Lastly, when you are invited home for dinner, it is typically Italian.hang tagsBring sweets or a tray of pastries. Other suitable gifts are flowers, chocolates or a bottle of wine.

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Italian drinking habits

Italians do not like to drink without eating, so most alcoholic beverages are consumed during an aperitif before dinner or with a meal. It is frowned upon in Italian culture to get very drunk in public, so take it easy.

Wine is the most common drink at most meals, as is water, which can be still (kindly)the foamy(sparkling wine).At the pizzeria, however, beer is the most popular choice, and most Italians enjoy a cool, cold drink.coffin of blondesto degrease the palate.

After a meal it is customary to ask for adigestive, a strong dose of alcohol to aid digestion. The most common arebrandy,Italian lemon liqueur,miamarothat are served together with the dessertExpress.

The coffee culture in Italy

Italy is known for its coffee culture, but there are certain rules to follow and traditions to honor. When entering a bar, you can choose between drinking and standingto the bank(at the counter) orat the table (at the table). It's cheaper to drink standing up, but you'll have to pay at the till first, then take your receipt to the counter. If you sit down the price is higher and you get table service.

Italians never consume coffee with milk drinks, such ascoffee with milkoCappuccinoafter a meal. They are generally considered morning drinks to be drunk in one gulp.Horn(croissant) for breakfast. Pouring warm milk on a full stomach is said to disrupt digestion, which is why you might see a few raised eyebrows when you order an after-dinner cappuccino.

communication label

One of the best ways to avoid being noticed as a tourist islearn a bit of the local language. You don't have to strive to speak fluently; Italians love to chat, so mastering a few basic words and terms will make interacting with the locals that much more rewarding.

The simple words that make the difference are "Please" (Please), "Gracias" (Thank you so much), and you are welcome" (Nagel).

When meeting a stranger or entering a store, it is customary to formally greet or good night (Good day,Good night), and when you say goodbye, you must say goodbye(Check In).byeit is a more informal greeting between friends and younger people.

Italians who are friendsgreet us with a kiss, usually first on the left cheek and then on the right. When you are introduced to a new person, shake their hand, repeat their name, and sayPlacer(Nice to meet you).

In bigger cities like Venice,ROM, miflorence, The language is not a big problem. Most hotels have receptionists who speak English; unless,You can always find someone who speaks at least a little English.. and youItinerary of ItalyTaking him to smaller towns may cause him more trouble, but a few simple phrases, some expressive hand gestures, and a big smile will go a long way.

Being late is one of the most recognizable cultural traits of Italians. Everything moves slower, so accept the slower pace. Don't expect punctuality or fast service, be patient, relax at a lighter pace and take your time to soak up your surroundings.

italian business culture

Being punctual for business appointments is the norm and expected in Italy. There are more business dinners than business dinners, and even business dinners are not common, as Italians view meals as a time of pleasure and relaxation.

Business cards are used throughout Italy, with elegant and elegant suits worn by both men and women. To be safe, it's best to use a name or familiar form of address only when prompted.

Promotional gifts are not common, but if one is given, it is usually small and symbolic of your country of origin, culture, or type of business.

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