Financial and technical services from ESFC Investment Group (2023)

The international company ESFC Investment Group (Spain) provides investment financing and professional technical services to companies worldwide.

His roleengineering workIfinancial advicegrowing every year.

Technological progress, the rapid spread of innovative technologies in the energy sector, industry, transport and other sectors create demand for professional services from engineering firms.

According toOECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), the demand for financial services has increased in recent years, including financial modeling and finding low-cost sources of financing for large projects around the world.

Things that seemed like science fiction a few years ago will soon provide investors with steady returns.

But today, companies need innovative technical solutions and financial resources to realize these ideas.

Entrepreneurs know how difficult it is to properly manage assets and finance projects in times of uncertainty.

Our customers need financial and technical advice in various situations.

International company ESFCoffers the following services:

• Preliminary study for the project.
• Project financing and creation of SPV to raise funds.
• Professional financial engineering and financial modeling.
• Attracting funding sources in Spain and other European countries.
• To provide loan guarantees to support the company.
• Advanced energy and industrial engineering.
• Construction and installation of equipment.
• Operation and maintenance.

We offer financing for large projects with a minimum contribution from the project initiator, up to 10% of the total investment cost.

ESFS's financial team works closely with the largest European banks, venture capital funds and business angels, offering the client a wide range of financial instruments to incorporate the most daring ideas.

Advantages of financial advice for companies

Doing business in a highly competitive environment requires difficult financial decisions.

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The problem is that not all entrepreneurs have the right knowledge and practical experience in financial management.

Many wrong decisions or even one bad investment can expose a company to serious risks and lead to bankruptcy. How to avoid this situation? Instead of relying on your own intuition, it is better to leave finances to experts.

When a business is in a bad financial situation, many owners wonder if it makes sense to keep the business or if it is better to close financially. With an experienced external financial advisor who carefully examines the company's situation, you can find the most suitable solution and at the same time save the company from destruction.

Often, entrepreneurs cannot see the company's activities objectively and cannot assess its true potential. An independent external expert can in many cases be far more effective than the best internal analyst.

To properly manage your finances, we recommend using the services of experienced professionals who receive good reviews from existing and former clients.

ESFC's business consultancy is a guarantee of the highest service quality.

Our professionals have rich international experience, know the financial markets perfectly and can objectively see the company's finances.

A financial advisor will be useful not only in a crisis, but also in a period of prosperity, when the owner thinks about different ways to develop. The expert can suggest which investments the business owner can afford and also advise which actions (investments) will be right in the long run.

Some entrepreneurs believe they can make better decisions for the future.

The reality is that you can be the best person in your business, but not fully aware of many financial phenomena.

A much more reliable solution is to use the services of an experienced financial advisor who has up-to-date and constantly updated knowledge of all the phenomena that happen in business. Yes, from a business perspective it is additional cost. However, it is worth considering financial advice as a long-term investment in business development.

Good advice can make a business flourish, help it win markets and generate great customer interest.

Therefore, the cost of consulting services is small compared to the long-term benefits.

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What does a financial advisor do for a company?

Modern financial advice is a comprehensive service that deals with investment, finding the best financial solutions and choosing the best loan offers for a specific project.

ESFC's professional financial advisers have in-depth knowledge of the financial market and extensive experience in assisting customers in difficult financial situations. A financial advisor can show the company's management the best decisions from a financial point of view.

Both SMEs and large companies can benefit significantly from financial advice, regardless of the industry in which they operate.

So contact our experts if you are faced with an important decision.

The main task of business financial advice is to plan the company's finances based on a thorough analysis of the current financial situation and future prospects. In practice, the scope of these services can be very wide and varied.

Financial and technical services from ESFC Investment Group (1)

ESFC's finance team provides the following services:

• Professional financial modelling.
• Development of a financial plan based on customer needs.
• Carrying out a thorough analysis of the company's financial position.
• Attracting large bank loans or private investments.
• Search for the best opportunities to finance the project.
• Identification of the best investment opportunities.
• Help in choosing a bank for the company.
• Advice on current issues.

Do you need a significant investment?

Are you looking for financial partners for the implementation of large projects in or outside Europe?

Contact us for professional advice.

When should you contact a financial advisor?

Many companies only decide to seek help from a financial advisor when their situation becomes very difficult.

Unfortunately, these services are seen as a lifeline after bankruptcy. But financial advice is primarily designed to prevent such situations.

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Based on many years of experience, we advise a company to seek advice at an early stageinvestmentplanning or getting a loan. Our team suggests the best solution for every situation.

Financial advice saves you time and money.


A business financial advisor has knowledge and experience that you have not yet acquired. You can start immediately. In addition, you save money by minimizing the risk of bad investments.

People learn from mistakes, but it is desirable for entrepreneurs to avoid costly mistakes. Our experts will help you with this.

We prepare a detailed report on your company's financial situation.

This allows you to make all decisions based on hard evidence, not your intuition.

The benefits of working with ESFC do not stop there. We are ready to offer you unique solutions designed specifically for your business at all stages of its life cycle. For example, the optimal model for financing a particular project.

Thanks to us, getting loans, factoring and leasing will be faster and more reliable. The financial advisor knows which banks and other financial institutions can easily finance the investments in your profile. Our tax advisors also provide you with comprehensive advice on optimizing tax and government contributions.

By working with ESFC, customers around the world benefit every day from our knowledge, experience and business relationships. Financial management is no easy task, so expert support can be invaluable.

Professional engineering service for major projects

ESFC's philosophy lies in the team's flexibility and its adaptation to each client's unique requirements.

We satisfy them with a high degree of reliability, relying on modern technology and precise coordination.

For our company, being a consulting engineer means providing the advanced knowledge, experience and technology for the successful implementation of any project.

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The basis of our work is expertise and comprehensive application of technical knowledge, the ability to adapt and avoid standard solutions. Rich experience with engineering activities around the world, responsibility, trust and dedication to our customers' interests are the basis for finding the right solution in all the projects we have been entrusted with.

ESFC partners provide high quality turnkey technical services and have gained recognition as reliable EPC contractors. We deal with financing, engineering design, procurement and delivery of equipment as well as construction work, operation and maintenance of facilities.

Here is a short list of items to implement:

• Power plants of any kind.
• Electrical substations and power cables.
• Waste treatment and incineration units.
• Water purification plant and desalination plant.
Plant for liquefied natural gasin LNG terminals.
• Cement industries andchemical plants.
• Mines, mining and processing plants.
• Seaports and cargo terminals.
• Infrastructure projects, etc.

For each project, we set up a specialized team of engineers who develop the relevant plans and programs and then carry out the monitoring and technical inspections according to the agreed schedule.

ESFC and its partners collaborate with major scientific institutions, leading European universities and equipment suppliers in Spain and other countries.

Access to the most advanced technologies allows us to carry out the most daring projects in any natural environment, from the hot sands of the Sahara to the Arctic Circle.

Financial and technical services from ESFC Investment Group (2)

The engineering team has its own information tools, libraries and archives, advanced technical design equipment and access to international systems. Everything you need to complete your investment project in the shortest possible time is gathered in our hands.

Bord:Engineering and financial services for companies.

Engineering services Description
Project supervisionReview construction and cost documentation against budget and payment plans, quality control and adherence to schedule, order and specifications.
Project ManagementTime planning and budget optimization. General management and control. preparation of documentation, signing of contracts, construction and trial operation, land acquisition.
geotechnical servicesSoil investigation and geophysical investigation, foundation reports, soil borings, field and laboratory investigations, selection and quality control of building materials, damage analysis.
civil engineerConstruction planning, documentation preparation, site location and preparation, delivery and storage of equipment and materials, installation and testing of finished plants.
Hydraulic technologyEngineering survey and construction of reservoirs, ship channels, locks and harbors of any scale.
Water supply and water treatmentTechnical design, construction and maintenance of water treatment plants, desalination plants and water supply networks of all kinds and purposes.
electrical engineersTechnical design, construction, modernization of power plants, transformer stations and networks.
Industrial technologyAll kinds of technical services for industrial companies, including modernization of production lines, construction of new factories and infrastructure.
Mining technologyTechnical design, construction and modernization of mines, quarries and mining and processing facilities, development of safety plans, etc.
Technical specializationResearch, preparation of technical reports, development of risk minimization measures, building material quality study, project feasibility study, etc.
Financial advice Financial modeling, proposals for project funding sources, negotiations with banks or investors, extensive financial analysis, management of the company's assets.
Protection of the environmentWater and air pollution control, environmental analyses, equipment upgrades, environmental problem control, noise protection, air pollution control and hazardous waste control.
Operation and maintenanceMaintenance programs, scheduled and emergency repairs, training of customer repair teams, etc.

If you are planning a large project, we invite you to use our professional experience and business connections.

ESFC and its partners ensure the success of your investment plan.

Contact our consultants for more information.


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