Free homeschooling curriculum for all grade levels (2021) (2023)

Free homeschooling curriculum for all grade levels (2021) (1)

Free Homeschool Curriculum

If you are looking for a free homeschool curriculum to supplement your current curriculum or want a completely free homeschool curriculum, you will find something of value here in this article.

You will see that the article is divided by educational level. Some locations or companies will be duplicated as the curriculum can be applied to multiple levels of education.

These free curriculum resources for homeschoolers are available online or in a combination of online and free printable sheets that you print out. You can also find affordable curriculum options for younger levels here:preschool,Kindergarten,first grade curriculum.

If you live in the United States, be sure to check your state's regulatory laws athslda.orgwebsite (if you haven't already) to see if there are any specific requirements for homeschooling.

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Free homeschooling curriculum for preschoolers

Easy Peasy Homeschooling

Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool offers a free preschool curriculum with daily classes for 224 days. It is a totally free online preschool program with free online activities and worksheets.

There are many worksheets that accompany the syllabus. If you prefer not to print them yourself, you can.Get them here at affordable prices on Amazon. You can follow step by step online and you will be directed when to use the worksheets.

See the resume here:

Brilliantly Radiant Features

Brightly Beaming is an amazing site that offers a complete free curriculum for kids ages 2-8, but is also working on higher education curricula.

I love this preschool and plan to use some of the ideas there, like the book list, to complement what I have already planned for you in my article on the best curriculum for preschoolers.

There is even a prep curriculum for kids that can be used before the preschool syllabus if you want to start with that first.

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Check out the free preschool program here:

basic knowledge

This company wrote the book.What your preschooler needs to know(see here) and other books in the series, such as Kindergartener, First Grader, and the like.

While I have this book and plan to use it with my preschooler, they also have a completely free homeschool curriculum for every grade level and subject except math on their website.

I like the free Core Knowledge curriculum for all classes except preschool. I prefer to use thatWhat your preschooler needs to knowBook along with the interactive activity books they've created too, which are amazing! I talked more about her in mybest preschool curriculum article.

Check out the free resume here:

this reading mother

I love this site. There are so many free printables out there and I was especially pleased when I came across the free resume to read.

This is perfect for preschoolers with tons of activities to keep your preschooler busy.

They have a "Learn the Alphabet" packet as well as a free 31-week "Reading the Alphabet" curriculum.

Check out the free resume here:

Free curriculum for kindergarten, primary and secondary.

Ambleside online

This free online homeschool curriculum is inspired by Charlotte Mason's teaching style. It is focused literature. Her curriculum covers almost all common subjects except math and foreign languages. She must buy or borrow books from her book list to complete this curriculum, but many books can also be found online for free.

  • Walnuts:kindergarten - high school
  • Issues:Language Arts, Studio/Nature Arts, Social Studies, History, Fine Arts and Poetry, Physical Education
  • Online or offline:online and offline (mostly offline)
  • Secular or Christian:cristiano

Check out the free resume here:

Easy Peasy Homeschooling

Easy Peasy is used by thousands of families around the world.

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They offer a completely free curriculum for all ages up to high school and cover all common subjects.

Depending on the age of your child, they may work on the curriculum independently. There is a sequential order and online resources and worksheets are required to complete the program.

  • Walnuts:Preschool - Secondary
  • Issues:Reading, Writing, Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar, Math, Science, History/Social Studies, Geography, Bible, Spanish, Music, Arts, Physical Education/Health, Logic, Computers.
  • Online or offline:online and offline
  • Secular or Christian:cristiano

Check out the free resume here:

Discovery K12

This free online secular homeschool curriculum is offered for all grade levels through high school.

They have 180 classes for different subjects.

To access the free curriculum, you must register for a student account.

They also offer a premium paid account that allows teachers more control over the curriculum, such as: B. Student activity reports and answer keys.

I do not recommend it for preschoolers because I found it too easy and therefore did not include it in the preschool section of this article. They offer a good primary and secondary curriculum.

  • Walnuts:kindergarten - high school
  • Issues:Reading and Literature, Mathematics, STEM, Science, History, Social Studies, Physical Education, Arts, Performing Arts
  • Online or offline:online
  • Secular or Christian:Smundane

See the resume here:

basic knowledge

They offer a lot of value in this free curriculum for homeschoolers. You will find many topics and more topics like music and fine art will be added.

Although you need to access the resume online, you can easily print everything for offline use. There will be many pages to print, so I recommend reading the syllabus with your child on a tablet or desktop computer and printing only the pages your child needs to write.

You must add a math curriculum, but you will find any other specialization available.

(Video) Free Homeschool Curriculum Options

  • Walnuts:Preschool - 8th grade
  • Issues:Artistic language, geography, history, natural sciences
  • Online or offline:online or offline
  • Secular or Christian:Smundane

Check out the free homeschool curriculum here:

simple and not so simple

This free homeschool curriculum forsimple and not so simpleit has all the major themes on the website for you to view and print. There is nothing to pay. Great education is provided and it is well organized and easy to follow. I love that they also have math practice.

You can decide to do parts of it, one or two tracks, or all of it.

  • Walnuts:1st year – 9th year
  • Issues:English, Spelling, Cursive, Left-handed Spelling, Reading, Vocabulary, Writing, Math, Bible, History, Life Skills
  • Online or offline:online and offline
  • Secular or Christian:cristiano

See the resume here:

The good and the beautiful Free language art

The free Good and The Beautiful Language Arts curriculum is available for levels 1-5. This doesn't always mean grades 1-5 as the curriculum is quite advanced, but there are placement tests to determine which level is best for your child.

I love this curriculum because it is free to download and print to use with your child. It is an open curriculum.

I have a student using the Level K Language Arts curriculum, which is not free, but will move to Level 1 (which is free). Physical copies can also be purchased upon request.

The Good and The Beautiful also offers other subjects and levels of education, but these are not free.

  • Walnuts:Levels 1-5
  • Issues:Phonics, reading, spelling, grammar, punctuation, literature and writing, art appreciation, geography
  • Online or offline:outside
  • Secular or Christian:cristiano

Check out the free homeschool curriculum here:

The free reading program

The free reading program is free to reading levels K-6. It offers a complete online tool with more than 3,500 activities to teach and strengthen reading skills.

The program is very popular as it has been used by more than 300,000 students in 185 countries.

  • Walnuts:Kindergarten - 6th grade
  • Issues:reading
  • Online or offline:online
  • Secular or Christian:mundane

Check out the free homeschool curriculum here:

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under the house

This is another free homeschooling curriculum from Charlotte Mason. It is for students between Kindergarten and 5th grade.

The site is very easy to navigate and easy on the eyes, which is great for kids. It is also an ad-free website.

It is completely online but also completely free and covers a wide variety of topics.

  • Walnuts:Kindergarten - 5th grade
  • Issues:Phonics, reading, writing, grammar, poetry/prose, geography, art history, history, science, mathematics, art studio, music, Shakespeare
  • Online or offline:online
  • Secular or Christian:cristiano

Check out the free homeschool curriculum here:

Free homeschool curriculum for high school.

rat rat

Free Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool also offers a free high school curriculum on another site.

It covers everything to provide a strong education for students in grades 9-12. All compulsory high school subjects are completely free on the site!

See the resume here:

Discovery K12

This free online secular homeschool curriculum is offered for all grade levels through high school, as mentioned earlier in the basics section of this article.

To access the free high school curriculum, you must also sign up for a student account.

See the resume here:

Ambleside online

This free online homeschool curriculum is inspired by Charlotte Mason's teaching style. It is literature oriented and mostly offline. Her curriculum covers almost all common subjects except math and foreign languages.

You must buy or borrow books from their book list to complete this curriculum, but many books can also be found online for free.

(Video) HOMESCHOOLING ON A BUDGET || FREE and CHEAP Homeschool Curriculum and Resources ||

Subjects include: language arts, natural history/arts, social studies, history, fine arts and poetry, physical education

Check out the free resume here:

final thoughts

In addition to this list of free homeschool curriculum options, check out more. However, this list represents some of the best and most popular free homeschooling programs. They're great resources if you want to supplement a resume you're already using, or if you're on a budget you can use some of these as a stand-alone resume.

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