How do I switch from commercial Paypal to personal? [complete answer] (2023)

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PayPal is a secure platform for managing a variety of financial transactions, including payments for goods and services, transferring funds, and accepting donations. It's an incredibly popular payment solution used by people all over the world. Businesses and individuals find PayPal a great asset in finding safe and convenient ways to collect, send and receive money from others.However, there may be times when you need to switch from a business account to a personal PayPal account. Whether you're an individual looking to use PayPal for personal transactions or a business looking to transition to a more customer-friendly platform, switching to a PayPal account is quick and easy. In this guide you will find all the information you need to switch from a business account to a personal PayPal account.Step 1 - Review your regulatory requirements

Before switching to a personal PayPal account, make sure you meet any legal or regulatory requirements. Depending on where your business is located and what industries you are in, there may be specific regulations to consider when switching to a personal PayPal account. Consider speaking to an attorney before making such an important financial decision.Step 2 – Close your trading accountThe first step in switching from a business account to a personal PayPal account is to cancel your PayPal business account. To do this, log into your PayPal business account and go to the "Accounts" tab. From there, select the “Close Account” option. You will see a web page with your account details and an option to "Close my account". Select this option and follow the steps to complete closing your trading account.Step 3: Open a personal accountOnce your business account is closed, the next step is to open a personal PayPal account. To do this, simply visit the PayPal website and select the “Sign In” option. Follow the instructions and provide your name, address, email address, phone number and other basic information. After filling out the form and accepting the terms and conditions, you will have a fully functional personal PayPal account.Step 4 - Link your accountsIn your new personal PayPal account, you can link your old PayPal business account. Select "My Account" and go to the "Linked PayPal Accounts" option. From there, click the "Add" button and

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How do I change my PayPal account from business to personal?

Changing a PayPal account from business to personal is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. The first step is to log into your PayPal account. After logging in, users need to click the Settings tab in the top-right corner of the page. A menu with a "Profile" tab will be available. In the profile menu, users will see "Company Information" on their profile. The Company Information tab should be selected and a selection of options will appear. Below that will be the option to switch to a personal account. Select this option and PayPal will guide you through the rest of the process.

PayPal will ask if a user wants to close their business account completely or just change it, and here the user needs to select "Change Account". After that, users will be asked if they want to keep their PayPal balance and all related details in the new personal account or start a new one. Once these options are selected, users will be prompted to verify their identity with a government-issued ID.

After completing the identity verification part, PayPal will ask for the user's phone number in case there is any fraud or stolen funds related to the account. Upon completion, the account will be changed from work to personal and a confirmation email will be sent to the user. This email includes a summary of the new account and its balance so users can keep track of their funds.

In summary, it's easy to change a PayPal account from Business to Personal via the settings menu on the main page. PayPal handles most of the process and involves verifying your identity and phone number. Once the process is complete, users will be notified via email and will be able to track their funds in their new personal account.

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What information do I need to provide to change my PayPal account from business to personal?

If you wish to change your PayPal account from a business account to a personal account, you will need to provide certain information. This information is required to ensure a safe and successful transition. First you must have the correct ID that you provide to PayPal. This is usually a driver's license, passport or other government-issued photo ID. This ensures that the person attempting to modify the account is the legal owner of the account. If you do not have access to this type of identification, you may need to contact PayPal directly to find an alternative method of verifying identification. In addition to correct identification, you must also provide your contact information to verify the account. This includes a home address and a phone number. This is required for PayPal to verify that the account is yours and that it is a personal account. After providing the correct identification and contact information, you will need to select a payment method for the account. PayPal allows many different payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts. You will need to select your preferred payment method, enter your payment details and confirm them to make sure everything is correct. If you already have a PayPal business account or want to set up a new business account, you'll also need to enter some additional information. This includes your company name, address, telephone number and the industry in which your company operates. This information is used to create the merchant profile PayPal needs to process payments on your behalf. Finally, you must check the "I accept the PayPal Terms of Service and Privacy Policy" box before you can change your account from business to personal. This ensures that you agree to the terms of service set out by PayPal and that you are not breaking any laws when using the platform. Changing your PayPal account from a business account to a personal account is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is provide the correct ID, contact information, payment method and agree to the terms of the User Agreement. This will help ensure a smooth transition to your new personal PayPal account.

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How do I switch from commercial Paypal to personal? [complete answer] (1)

Are there any fees if I switch my PayPal account from business to personal?

When considering whether or not there is a fee associated with switching your PayPal account from a business account to a personal account, it can depend on a few different factors. The first factor is whether or not you are the owner of the trading account. In this case, you probably won't be charged a fee to switch your account from business to personal. However, if you're not the owner of the business account, you'll need to work with the owner to make the change for you.

PayPal charges a reasonable fee for transferring money from a business account to a personal account. The amount of the fee may vary depending on the currency used and the amount of the transfer. PayPal will show the amount of the fee when making the transfer, but it can usually be anywhere from two to three percent of the total transfer amount. Fees associated with the transfer are used to cover the cost of securely processing and verifying the transfer.

In addition to the fees associated with sending and receiving your transfer, there may be associated taxes or service fees. This may include international taxes and domestic taxes when transferring funds from your business to personal PayPal accounts in other countries or regions. It's important to be aware of any additional fees associated with the transaction, as these can add up and affect the transfer amount.

The transfer time may vary depending on the country and the type of currency used. In general, most transfers between personal PayPal accounts can be completed within a week, with transfers within the country taking three to five business days. Transfers between different countries can take up to three weeks and in some cases even require filling out additional paperwork. It is advisable to be patient when making transfers as the PayPal system is designed to protect both parties involved in the transfer.

In general, when you switch your PayPal account from a business account to a personal account, you may incur some transfer costs and associated fees. However, if you take the time to consider all the costs associated with the transfer and research the fees involved, you can make the best decisions for both your business and personal finances. Because PayPal has taken the necessary measures to protect both parties involved in the transaction, you can rest assured that your transfer will go as smoothly as possible.

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What happens to my existing transactions if I switch my PayPal account from business to personal?

In today's digital world, more and more people are turning to online payment services like PayPal to manage their personal and business finances. One of the biggest benefits of using PayPal is the ability to switch between multiple account types if needed, including switching from a business account to a personal PayPal account. However, this can create some confusion as to what will happen to existing transactions when you make the change.

The first thing to note is that when changing a PayPal account from a business account to a personal account, the account profile must be preserved. This means that all previous account information, including profile information, verification details, and saved credit/debit cards should still be accessible in the personal account. The only thing that changes is the type of account the profile information is used for.

Existing transactions are not affected by the change. Any transactions, made or pending, that were initiated prior to switching to a personal PayPal account remain intact. Pending transactions are processed with the same details as the previous trading account. Completed transactions, whether accepted or refunded, remain in your account history. Additional fees may apply to certain transactions depending on the type of account originally used for the purchase, but all details specific to the purchase are still available.

If you are switching a PayPal account from business to personal, your previous account profile information (including saved credit/debit cards) will be retained and existing transactions initiated prior to the account switch will be preserved. Still, it's important to be aware of any additional fees or charges that may apply to certain transactions as a result of the change. Ultimately, switching your PayPal account from a business account to a personal account won't have a huge impact on existing transactions, but it does have some useful benefits for anyone looking to manage their personal finances.

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What are the differences between a business and personal PayPal account?

PayPal is an online payment system that is growing in popularity among people who buy, sell, and transfer money online. PayPal allows users to pay for products and services online securely and conveniently and can be used to pay for merchants, individuals or businesses. PayPal's system can be tailored to different needs, with two general types of accounts: business and personal. Both types have advantages, but there are key differences between the two and it's important to understand them in order to decide which type of PayPal account is right for you.

business accounts

Merchant accounts are intended for users who buy and sell goods or services online. These accounts can be set up with a specific company name, allowing you to use them under the same name across multiple websites and links. Business accounts are more versatile and offer more features than other types of PayPal accounts. A business account allows you to accept payments from credit and debit cards, bank accounts, and PayPal balances for goods, services, and other business transactions. Business accounts also include billing options, monthly statements, and analytics tools to help you track payments and business records.

personal accounts

Personal PayPal accounts are ideal for consumers who want to buy, send, and receive money online, or pay for goods and services. These accounts are best for people who don't need the advanced features of a business account. With a personal account, users can still buy goods and services, send money to family and friends, and transfer money for goods or services. Personal accounts also allow users to add a bank account and credit or debit cards to make payments and receive money, but features are more limited than a business account.


When it comes to fees, PayPal charges different fees for business and personal accounts. Merchant accounts charge a small flat fee per purchase plus a percentage of each transaction. The fees are a bit more expensive for business accounts, but can often be worth it for businesses that need to process a large volume of transactions or have a large number of customers. Personal accounts, on the other hand, are free to open and free of monthly fees or purchase fees. Both account types are subject to fees for receiving money, but personal accounts have lower fees and can often be avoided by requesting payment via PayPal balance or bank transfers.


PayPal accounts come with higher levels of business security than personal accounts. That's because

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frequently asked questions

How do I change PayPal from a business to a personal account?

Sign in to your PayPal account and go to Settings > Profile. There you will find your email address at the top of the page. Select it and click the "Change Email Address" button. You will then be prompted to enter a new email address. Remember to save your changes!

How do I change PayPal email address?

To change your PayPal email address, you need to open the "Profile" page and look for the "Email Address" section. Here, paste the new email address into the field and then click the "Save Changes" button.

How do I change my PayPal account from business to personal?

There is no automated option on the PayPal website to downgrade a business account to a personal account. Only customer service representatives can initiate the process. You must contact customer service to request a downgrade of your account. Unfortunately, there are many complaints on the PayPal forums from customers who are having trouble getting a discount.

How do I contact PayPal Customer Service?

The PayPal website provides customer contact information in many different languages. For example, if you contact PayPal about a payment problem, the site provides instructions in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

How do I change my PayPal business account back to a personal one?

Contact PayPal Customer Service to convert your PayPal business account back to a personal account. There is no manual way to downgrade a business account to a personal one.

Can you have two PayPal accounts?

Yes, you can have two PayPal accounts with the same personal information, but they must be business accounts. If you only use one account for your personal and business transactions, you may want to switch to a personal account. To do this, go to the Accounts section of your website and click the Manage My Account link in the top left.

How do I change the primary email address for the PayPal account?

1. Login to your PayPal account and click Profile.2. Under Email Addresses, click Update next to the email address that you want to be your primary email address.3. Confirm your new email address by clicking the link in the confirmation email. If all goes well, your new email should now be your "primary" PayPal...

How do I remove an email address from my PayPal account?

First find the email address you want to remove - go to settings. Next to the email address, click Remove. Second, click Delete.

How do I change my email address in my account?

You can change your email address in your account by following these steps: Access your settings. In the email section, click +. Enter the new email address and click Add Email. Next to this email address, click Update and then click Verify this email. Look for our email address in your inbox to verify this email address. Then assign a new primary email address to your account: Go to...

How do I find my PayPal email address?

If you have not received a payment notification email from PayPal, please check your spam folder. Alternatively, you can reference the email PayPal sends you when someone sends you a payment.

How do I downgrade a business account to a personal account?

Contact customer service and they will do it for you. To learn more about the options available in your country, please visit the Help/Contact Us section on PayPal's pages.

How can I downgrade my PayPal account?

In order to downgrade your PayPal account, you need to contact customer service. The customer service phone number can be found on the PayPal website or by calling 1-888-445-0322. Here are some tips on how to successfully downgrade your account: 1. Make sure you have the correct information ready. When you call customer service, be prepared to provide your full name, email address, and the account number associated with your PayPal account. If you do not have this information available, you may not be able to downgrade your account.2. Talk to a living person. Customer service representatives are usually more than happy to process an account downgrade request when you speak to them live, rather than submitting a request via email or online form. This will avoid potential delays in downgrading your account.3. Be patient. Downgrading an account can take several weeks or even months, depending on the status of the account and the number of requests made.

How do I contact PayPal Customer Service?

You can click Help/Contact at the bottom left of any PayPal page for contact options for your country. The board of directors is voluntary. Congratulations / solution appreciated.

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