Resume for freshmen: how to make, purpose and example (2023)

Your first step into the professional world is not easy:

How should you write a CV if you have no experience at all?

Good news:

Possible. And it is not as difficult as it may at first appear. Plus, you're in the right place to learn everything you need to know about writing a job-winning freshman resume!

Either you become an engineer or a teacher, or you fly into the scientific world. Get ready to embrace the opportunities and challenges of postgraduate life.

In this article you will see:

  • How to create a resume for a fresher that will increase your chances of landing your first job.
  • Which CV sections to include on your latest CV and in what order.
  • How to showcase your skills on a freshman resume when you have no experience.
  • How to write a career objective for a first year CV.

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Resume for freshmen: how to make, purpose and example (1)

Resume for freshmen: how to make, purpose and example (2)

Use this resume template

Sample resume created in our builder—See more templates and create your CV here.

Example of CV for first-year students

Bharat Dutta

+91 33 28596794

36, Kirtipur, Jaipur 132730

Nationality: Indian

Date of birth: 18.08.1999


AMET University graduate with BBA in Computer Science. Through my studies, I gained a detailed understanding of Big Data and Machine Learning and its application through practical data analysis. I will use my skills to design effective data analytics solutions and derive actionable insights to increase ROI in XYZ Business.


B.Sc. in it

Visva Bharati University, PO Santiniketan

September 2018 – June 2021

Related courses:Python for data science, research design and implementation for data and analysis, statistics for data science, fundamental data engineering, applied machine learning, experimentation and causal inference, ML at scale.

  • CGPA: 98 %
  • Honors and Awards: Dean's List (last 5 semesters)

The main skills acquired:

  • Highly developed analytical skills with the ability to balance a heavy workload and prioritize accordingly.
  • Ability to examine complex data sets and draw conclusions appropriate to the issues at hand.
  • Developed advanced written and oral communication skills by producing essays and reports according to strict guidelines, as well as presenting to large groups.

Work experience

Intern in data science

(Video) Write an Incredible Resume: 5 Golden Rules!

October 2019 – February 2020

Nielsen IQ, Mumbai

Essential Qualifications and Responsibilities

  • Alpha active information was extracted from large structured and unstructured datasets
  • Evaluate and analyze existing and new data sets to generate quantitative fundamentals or model relevant financial metrics
  • Applied statistical analysis, natural language processing and machine learning methods to large datasets for data mining, feature engineering, bias correction and prediction

Main performance

Pioneered a new alpha extraction method that resulted in a 130% return on investment.


  • Make informed decisions with management tools
  • Effective in identifying unique business opportunities
  • Effective in capturing and gaining insights from holistic data
  • Excellent in C++
  • Advanced Photoshop and image editing skills.
  • Extensive knowledge of the MS Office suite including advanced knowledge of Excel
  • G Suite, Stata, Matlab for SAS


  • No - native
  • English - Bilingual
  • Spanish - beginners

1. Choose the best format for a fresher CV

Fresher right? Writing a resume for a full-time job for the first time?

There is one critical fact for recruiters to know:

They flip through resumes as quickly as possible.

That's right: Employers don't read every resume cover to cover. In fact, they spare no more than a glance at each application. To be more precise, you only have 7 seconds to get their attention!

Just like oursHuman Resource StatisticsThe report shows that this is the average time that recruiters spend on each CV. This means that those who fail the first scan will have to continue their job search elsewhere.

So make the most of your 7 seconds and make a good impression with flawless resume formatting and readable content.

Here ishow to format a resume for freshershow to find a job:

  • Use the reverse chronological resume format. This means listing your most recent experience (professional or academic) first and then moving on to the older lists. This format showcases your greatest strengths and achievements and is what recruiters are most familiar with.
  • Set your page margins to 1 inch all the way around and add enough white space to guide the eye.
  • Choose a professional, easy-to-read resume font and set it to 11 or 12 point.
  • Add a longer title for each section (13 to 14 points) for easy browsing on your resume.
  • Don't go too far with crazy images or unnecessary details: stick to the most relevant material and limit yourself to one page.

Here's what to include in a fresher resume:

  • Header with your contact details.
  • Pursue the goal of first-year students and demonstrate your transferable skills and academic achievements. If you have relevant work experience, replace it with a CV summary.
  • Education section, which documents your knowledge and academic experience.
  • Work experience, if you have it (including internships and voluntary work).
  • List of skills and abilities that match the job posting.
  • Additional resume sections to help you stand out from other applicants.

Do you have no work experience yet?

No problem. Just drop that part and go hard on the others.

And before you move on to more exciting resume sections, make sure you include your contact information in the header of your resume. Because believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it!

Here are some tips to set up your resume header for success:

  • Your contact information is at the top, above your resume summary or objective statement on a one-column resume, but next to it on a two-column resume.
  • Please enter a business email address. You are all adults now, no more "".
  • Add relevant social links. LinkedIn is always a good idea, but rarely Facebook or Twitter. Designers can add Behance, while IT professionals e.g. can add GitHub.
  • Add a branding statement as a subheading below your name to stand out.

After all,optimize your LinkedIn profile! Whether you put it on your resume or not, employers will likely consider it before calling you.

Pro tip:Save latest CV in PDF format. Like credentials from an accredited school, the PDF format ensures that the resume is accepted regardless of which device the HR staff views it on.

2. Write a compelling resume objective or resume summary

Formatting your resume made a good first impression. Well done!

But now that you have the recruiter's attention, how do you keep it?

Write a headline that shows your value and makes them want to read!

You have two options: the CV summary or the CV objective.

How to choose:

If you have experience in your future industry through part-time work or internships, use the CV summary.

The summary statement is a short paragraph summarizing your experience and skills. It's great to use an achievement with numbers to prove your worth.

Here is an example of a resume summary for a data science job fresher:

Summary overview for freshers: Samples

Certified Data Scientist with 10 months of data science internship experience at a private investment banking startup. Achieved a 125% ROI by developing a new alpha extraction method and modeling related financial metrics.
I just finished a data science internship where I learned a lot of new data analysis skills and knowledge. During this time I built AI models, studied machine learning, helped with statistical analysis and designed automated pipelines.
(Video) This Resume Objective Example Can SAVE Your Resume!

Both look amazing, don't you think?

But if you look more closely, you will see that the candidate in the right example gives a significant performance with numbers to back it up. It demonstrates their experience rather than simply providing a to-do list.

But what if you have no relevant work experience?

Use a resume objective.

The objective tells your potential employer how your career goals align with their plans. You still use relevant skills, experience and measurable achievements.

Here are two examples of resume objectives for first-year students:

Objectives for resume for freshmen: examples

He recently graduated from university in computer science. Class project created using artificial intelligence to beat 500+ students to decide winners in multiple sports disciplines. Try using 98% CGPA and 80 hours of data science related courses to get a junior data scientist position in Shell.
I just graduated from college with a degree in computer science. I do not yet have any paid work experience, but I have a willingness to learn and many hours of teaching.

You see it? In the right example, a brief introduction about your background, a major accomplishment, and mentioning the company name will let everyone know that you've matched your resume to the job.

Pro tip:Either the objective or the summary will appear first on your most recent resume. However, it's best to save the writing for last so you have the rest of your resume to help you.

When you create a resume in our builder, drag and drop bullets, skills, and fill in the boring stuff automatically. Spell check;account. Start building oneProfessional resume template here for free.

Resume for freshmen: how to make, purpose and example (3)

Create my CV now

When you are finished,Zety CV makerit will assess your resume and tell you exactly how to improve it.

3. Make full use of your education section in a fresher CV

Have you just finished your studies? Graduated with no other experience?

It means-

The education section of your resume is key to your newest resume, so get it right!

Let's look at how to mention education on recent CVs:

Sample resume for beginners – Education section

Bachelor's degree in computer science

Visva Bharati University, PO Santiniketan
September 2018 – June 2021

Concentrate:Scientific data

Related courses:Python for data science, research design and implementation for data and analysis, statistics for data science, fundamental data engineering, applied machine learning, experimentation and causal inference, ML at scale.

CGPA:98 %

Awards and Honors:Dean's list (last 5 semesters)

One thing to remember here is to mention your CGPA only if it is above 90% (or 9 in MA). Otherwise, it just doesn't work in your favor.

As you are a recent graduate and do not have much experience, please provide details of your education. Include honors and awards, achievements, publications, and most importantly, any courses related to your field of work. Anything you've done during your college courses that demonstrates your skills in some way is worth adding.

Finally, you don't need to add your high school diploma after you graduate from college. However, you should indicate your secondary school if your education was still ongoing.

Pro tip:If you took part in an external placement during your studies, please add their details here in your education section. But if it's an internship, put it in your work experience section.

(Video) Cruise Ship Job CV Format + Sample Cruise Ship Job Resumes

4. Add experience to your fresher resume

Statistics show that around 9 million students completed their educationgradand 1.5 million of thempostgraduatein 2019. Looks like you have a lot of competition…

But hey, that's what you're here for! Find a way to beat all the younger competitors and The Job!

The bottom line is this: if you have previous relevant experience, such as an internship, adding it to your work history will make a big difference and give you an edge over other candidates.

In fact, there are a few tricks to citing your experience in a way that will impress employers even more.

Most importantly, don't just list your duties and responsibilities. Add some important achievements with numbers to prove your skills. You'll be surprised how far this goes in making you stand out as a top candidate!

These freshest resume examples show exactly what we mean:

Fresh resume template: work experience


Intern in data science

marts 2018 – december 2018

Nielsen IQ, Mumbai

Essential Qualifications and Responsibilities

  • Alpha active information was extracted from large structured and unstructured datasets
  • Evaluate and analyze existing and new data sets to generate quantitative fundamentals or model relevant financial metrics
  • Applied statistical analysis, natural language processing and machine learning methods to large datasets for data mining, feature engineering, bias correction and prediction

Main performance

Pioneered a new alpha extraction method that resulted in a 130% return on investment.


Intern Data Scientist

marts 2018 – december 2018

Nielsen IQ, Mumbai

Main responsibility

  • AI models were created.
  • It helps with statistical analysis.
  • Designed automated pipelines.

Imagine a job without your name. Do you see the problem? The second internship experience is not yet ready to be delivered.

Detailed accountability and quantified performance make all the difference.

What if you're fresher without itrelevantexperience?

No problem.

Talk about your key duties and accomplishments at another job to show them that your work ethic aligns with their company's values:

Fresh CV Example: No relevant experience


Bank employee & Consultant

February 2016 - January 2018

Standard Chartered Bank Ltd, Mumbai

Essential Qualifications and Responsibilities

  • Transactions were recorded and a currency transaction report was prepared.
  • Coordinated cash drawer with receipt of cash transactions.
  • It helps customers with an artificial intelligence program that helps identify perfect loan products.

Main performance

Adopted ML and AI to increase loan applications and approvals by 250%.

Experience as a bank clerk doesn't seem to have anything to do with our second example of becoming a data analyst. However, choose the responsibilities and achievements that are most relevant and will help show the hiring manager that you fit their culture.

If you've done any freelance work or online gigs, add only the most impressive ones.

And if you're writing a resume for your first job, just skip the work history section. If so, be sure to double down on the other areas if you want to stay in the race!

5. Put the right skills on your freshman resume

You have acquired quite a few skills in your life so far.


They cover a wide spectrum, from financial management to social etiquette. What skills should be added to a freshman resume?

No reason to worry!

First, make a simple list of skills like below.

It includes both hard and soft skills:

  • Hard skills are skills that you study and learn (eg Microsoft Office) and
  • Soft skills are skills you develop throughout your life (e.g. decision-making skills).

Top 14 Skills in Resumes for Beginners

  • Technical skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Management skills
  • Determination
  • Marketing skills
  • Creative thought
  • Computer knowledge
  • Writing skills
  • Project management skills
  • Active listening skills
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Time management skills
  • Analytical skills

The thing is, you can't just add a list of random skills and call it a day!

Instead, go back to the job description to find out what specific skills your company needs.

For example, imagine this is our data analyst job description:

  • Create and maintain reporting dashboards and management tools to help stakeholders make decisions [1]
  • Develop and manage systems and data models for new and rapidly evolving business processes - including sales funnel, global expansion, member value programming and more
  • You will systematically improve our business by identifying opportunities, deriving business hypotheses about how we can exploit these opportunities, and validating these hypotheses through experiments [2]
  • Implement data collection systems and processes to help us understand what is happening in our business and on our sites around the world
  • Capture holistic data and use this knowledge to find creative ways to improve financial and operational performance [3]

Reading the job advertisement makes it really easy to choose the right skills:

Latest Resume Examples - Skills Section

  • Ability to make informed decisions based on management tools [1]
  • Effective in identifying unique business opportunities [2]
  • Effective in capturing and gaining insights from holistic data [3]
  • Technical skills.
  • Social skills.
  • Emotional intelligence.

The list of skills in the second example looks generic and won't help you impress the recruiter!

The first example, on the other hand, provides exactly the material they are looking for. IMPRESSIVE!

(Video) 5 Resume Mistakes You MUST Avoid (with real examples)!

Remember, you don't just want to please the pros: you're also relying on the ATS software the company uses to filter applications.

An applicant tracking system, or ATS, is a piece of software that helps larger companies and recruiting agencies process the many resumes they receive every day.

It sounds like this:

HR professionals scan resumes into the software. They then enter specific keywords to search these resumes. They then receive a score for each resume based on how well it matches the job description.

No match, no job!

That's why it's so important to tailor your fresher resume and use the right keywords in every section, including your list of skills.

Now it all makes sense. Correct?

Pro tip:Soft skills are good, but support hard skills in your skills section. get readycover letter for new jobsas well as your interview to show them that you have excellent social and problem-solving skills.

6. Add other sections for an effective fresher resume

Here's the thing: probably every recent uni graduate or younger will have the above sections on their CV.

How do you want to stand out? Similar:

Add extra resume sections to show you're unique.

Here are great extra sections to include on a resume for first-year students looking for their first job:

Freshman Resume Template: Additional Sections

1. The certification

Many employers value official certificates more than your degree (don't tell your parents). Add relevant ones like CompTIA A+ for IT or software certifications like CATIA for mechanical engineers.

2. Voluntary experience

Volunteer experience on recent resumes is a great way to add work experience if you don't have a history of paid work. If you have had several voluntary positions in the past, choose the one that is most work-related.

3. Language skills

In this globalized world, knowing a second (or third!) language is more important than ever. Add your language and skill level to a standardized skill scale.

4. A hobby is an interest

Adding your interests and hobbies to a resume is a great way to indirectly highlight your skills.

5. Professional portfolio

Not necessarily a resume section, but an impressive addition for some industries nonetheless! For example, if you wrote a personal blog, a portfolio of your successful articles would look great for marketing features. Add the portfolio URL to the contact information section of your resume.

Pro tip:If you are applying for a fresher job in India, be sure to include a statement at the end of your resume. A simple statement like"Declaration: The above information is true to the best of my belief."this will be enough.

A good cover letter for your CV will give you an advantage over other applicants. You can write it in ourcover letter builder here. This is how it might look:

Resume for freshmen: how to make, purpose and example (4)

Create my CV and cover letter

See Morecover letter templates and start writing.

Package key

Building a fresher resume seems easy now, right?

Let's sum it all up.

(Video) Video Resume: 3 Steps on How to Create a Video Resume + Example!

How to create a resume for beginners:

  • Use the reverse chronological format to make it familiar and easy for HR.
  • Start with an interesting, fresher objective or summary.
  • Register your educational results with relevant courses and prices.
  • Talk about any experiences and stages you have using relevant winnings.
  • Enter your skills on a list that the job ad uses to choose the right one.
  • Add extra resume sections to stand out from other freshmen.
  • Add a compelling recent cover letter to your college resume.

THIS is now a fresher resume that excels at Career Ready 101!

Do you have questions about writing a fresher CV? Not sure how to talk about recent resume skills or professional achievements? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for reading!


What should I put on my resume as a freshman? ›

As a college freshman, you should mention your ongoing education first. If you have little to no work experience, take advantage of any internships, volunteering, and other experiences you may have. List your relevant soft and hard skills separately to keep your college freshman resume well-organized.

What is a good objective for a student resume examples? ›

"To obtain a position that will enable me to use my strong organizational skills, educational background, and ability to work well with people." "To build a professional career by working with motivated and dedicated people in a very competitive and structured organizational environment."

How do I write a resume for 16 with no experience? ›

How to write a resume for 16-year-old with no experience
  1. List your extracurricular activities. ...
  2. Read the job description carefully. ...
  3. Choose the proper format. ...
  4. Compose a header. ...
  5. Write a resume objective. ...
  6. Create an education section. ...
  7. Share your certifications and training. ...
  8. List your work experience.
May 23, 2023

How do you write a resume for a freshman in high school? ›

What should a resume for high school students include?
  1. Basic Information: Name & Contact Information.
  2. Objective or Summary Statement.
  3. Education.
  4. Work Experience.
  5. Extracurricular Activities.
  6. Community Service or Volunteering.
  7. Awards, Honors, Accomplishments, and Leadership Roles.
  8. Special Skills.

How to write a resume with no experience high school student? ›

How to write a high school student with no work experience resume
  1. Include your name and contact information. ...
  2. Write a resume objective. ...
  3. Include your education. ...
  4. Talk about your skills. ...
  5. Discuss any professional or volunteer experience you have. ...
  6. Mention any awards you received. ...
  7. Customize your resume for each application.
Jan 19, 2023

What is an example of a statement of purpose on a resume? ›

A good objective statement tells the hiring manager the goal of your resume. An example of this can be something along the lines of: “An experienced social media manager with a proven track record of measurable results. I'm aiming to work for a brand focused on social justice initiatives.”

What are some examples of objectives? ›

An Objective has to be quantitative to be effective. For example, 'Make a lot of Money' can't be objective, whereas 'Increase Profit by 20%” is an effective objective as long as it is time bound. How are you going to achieve the Objective?

How do you write an objective example? ›

Objectives should be inspirational and easy to remember

Instead, start with improve, create, increase, maximize, grow, build, leverage, etc. Frame an Objective in positive language. For example, do “more” of something beneficial rather than cutting back on something negative.

How do I write a resume with no experience and no education? ›

When creating a resume with no education to list, highlight the ways you've taken the initiative to learn and grow in your field rather than focusing on an incomplete or interrupted education. List any job-related training you've completed, either through your own initiative or your company's direction.

What to call yourself on a resume if you have no experience? ›

1. Professional summary (even if you have no experience) Modern day resumes call for a professional summary instead of a career objective.

What is a short description about yourself on a resume? ›

I am an enthusiastic, self-motivated, reliable, responsible and hard working person. I am a mature team worker and adaptable to all challenging situations. I am able to work well both in a team environment as well as using own initiative. I am able to work well under pressure and adhere to strict deadlines.

Should college freshmen put high school on resume? ›

When employers review resumes from college students, they generally don't want to see high school information; however, most freshman are just getting started… so it is OK for a freshman to have some high school information on the resume, while they are transitioning into their college experience.

How do you say you have no experience but willing to learn? ›

Discuss your qualifications

As you have no direct experience, you can discuss your academic qualifications and extracurricular activities. Ensure you're specific about the details you provide and highlight how your limited qualifications can still benefit the employer.

What does a good resume look like for a college student? ›

What should I put on my resume as a college student? College resumes can include relevant coursework, internships, GPA, accolades, awards, volunteer work, work experience, relevant extracurricular activities, projects and clubs.

Which is the best example of a purpose statement? ›

Southwest Airlines: Connect people to what's important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel. Stanley Black & Decker: For those who make the world. Starbucks: As it has been from the beginning, our purpose goes far beyond profit. We believe in the pursuit of doing good.

How do you start a good purpose statement? ›

Some common introductory phrases for purpose statements include:
  1. "The purpose of this paper/letter/document is to..."
  2. "In this paper, I will describe/explain/review/etc. the..."
  3. "My reason for writing is to..."
  4. "This paper will discuss the..."
  5. "The purpose of this paper is twofold: to ___ and ___"

What is a good statement of purpose? ›

A strong statement of purpose communicates to an admissions committee your preparedness for graduate studies. You need to introduce yourself, explain what sparked your interested in graduate study in History, describe your academic background, and elaborate on your academic interests going forward.

What is an example of objective in a sentence 5? ›

Our main objective was the recovery of the child safe and well. His objective was to play golf and win. He had no objective evidence that anything extraordinary was happening. I believe that a journalist should be completely objective.

What are the 5 smart objectives? ›

Setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) objectives is a good way to plan the steps to meet the long-term goals in your grant. It helps you take your grant from ideas to action.

What are objective reasons examples? ›

In a phrase, objective reason is a mental thought process that requires logical consideration of a situation or topic that is informed of the possibility for distortion from subjective bias. For example, people using objective reasoning will be: Highly self-aware of their minds. Aware of a variety of tools for analysis.

How do you write a simple resume? ›

How to write a simple resume
  1. Select a resume format.
  2. List contact information.
  3. Create a resume summary or objective.
  4. Include work experience and achievements.
  5. Include education.
  6. List skills.
  7. Add any additional relevant sections.
Jul 21, 2022

How do I explain why I didn't finish college? ›

Make your reason short and honest. For example, “I never went back to finish my degree and that's something I regret. I'm planning to re-enroll in a few online classes to finish it over time.” There—you've addressed it and there's not much more an employer can ask.

What is a summary for a student resume? ›

While most resume summaries focus on a candidate's professional experience to give recruiters an idea of their qualifications, a college student's resume summary focuses on their academic, volunteering or extracurricular experiences since they likely don't have much work experience.

What can I say if I have no experience? ›

Tell Them You're Confident

Or, “No, I don't have experience in that area.” The best way to handle the question is to say something along these lines: While I have not had any direct experience in XYZ, I am a fast learner, and I am confident that I could (do, manage, direct, handle, etc.)

What should I know that's not on your resume? ›

The perfect answer to the “tell me something about yourself not on your resume” interview question is short and positive. Avoid negatives or unrelated personal stories. Focus on your strengths, on why you want the job, or on something great about the company. Keep your answer under 30 seconds.

How to describe yourself student examples? ›

To help you decide how to describe yourself in an interview, consider these examples:
  • I am passionate about my work. ...
  • I am ambitious and driven. ...
  • I am highly organised. ...
  • I am a people person. ...
  • I am a natural leader. ...
  • I am result oriented. ...
  • I am an excellent communicator.
Mar 24, 2023

How to introduce yourself in a resume? ›

These steps will help you create an effective self-introduction:
  1. Summarize your professional standing. The first sentence of your self-introduction should include your name, job title or experience. ...
  2. Briefly explain your work experience and key accomplishments. ...
  3. End with a lead-in to the next part of the conversation.
Apr 20, 2023

How to make a resume for first job high school student examples? ›

What To Include on High School Students' Resumes
  1. Highlight academic strengths.
  2. Mention extracurricular activities including clubs, sports, and volunteerism.
  3. List any honors, awards, or other achievements.
  4. Emphasize leadership experience.
  5. Share projects or gigs, including any internships.
Sep 9, 2022

When should I stop putting high school on resume? ›

When do you stop putting high school on a resume? Once you gain any other form of higher education, you should take your high school off your resume.

How far back should a resume go? ›

Generally, experts recommend keeping about 10-15 years of work experience on your resume, but that guidance changes depending on your professional history. Your resume is one of the first things a potential employer sees about you.

Should I put things I did in high school on my resume? ›

You can often include relevant coursework, certifications, awards, volunteer positions, and even hobbies and clubs. However, if you don't have work or other relevant experience, you should definitely include your high school information on your resume.

What can a 15 year old put on a resume? ›

Education: List the name of your school, the year you are in or graduated in and relevant courses. Skills: List the skills which are relevant to that job. Awards and achievements: describe any awards you have received in school and significant achievements.

What should a 15 year olds resume look like? ›

At a bare minimum, your resume should include your contact information along with your experience and education. Beyond that, most sections are optional—you can include a skills section or objective, but it's not required. Highlight academic accomplishments. As a student, a lot of your experiences are in the classroom.

How does a 17 year old write a resume with no experience? ›

You can create a killer no-experience resume by emphasizing your education instead. Include relevant internships, soft & hard skills, and projects. Other sections you can include on your resume are hobbies & interests, languages, certifications, or achievements.

Should a 16 year old have a resume? ›

If you're a teenager looking for your first job, you may need to create a professional resume as part of your employment search. To make a good first impression on potential employers, your resume should be organized and include details of your most relevant skills to the job you're applying to.

What is a skill example? ›

Problem-solving skills: creativity, critical thinking, and analytical skills. Customer-service skills: active listening, time management, and prioritization. Interpersonal skills: communication, teamwork, and empathy. Leadership skills: decision making, stress management, and organization.


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