Sofia Vergara's transformation from 15 to 48 - Nicki Swift (2023)

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Nowadays,Sofia VergaraIt's a household name, but it wasn't always that way. Popular for her good looks and excellent comedic timing, the 'Modern Family' star has had a long and winding road to the top. "I see myself as I see myself, it would be ingratitude to complain about what God has given me," said Vergara.Harpers Bazaar Árabein 2016. "I enjoyed it, I had a great life."

Don't think that Vergara got carried away with his good looks, because that's not true. Vergara is an incredibly hard worker who has faced serious challenges in her life. That's a little surprising when all you know about Vergara is that she's pretty, arich actor, and has asuper hot husband, but trust us when we say there's more than meets the eye. Read on below as we break down all the changes in Vergara's long and fascinating career.

Sofia Vergara was insecure about her body

If you've ever read about a model, you know that she was probably teased at school for being too tall. The same goes for Sofía Vergara. The former model was slow to recover and her colleagues weren't very kind about it.

Vergara, whose hourglass figure is almost as recognizable as her accent, spent most of her childhood feeling insecure about her svelte figure. while talkingnight lineIn 2011, the Modern Family star shared that she spent much of her childhood hoping to look like the Barbie dolls she played with at home. It definitely didn't help that her peers called her "toothpick".

"In my culture, a skinny girl has nothing to do," she said, "so I was really scared, always worried that I would never... fill out all those fabulous clothes my mom had... She didn't even wear a skirt. or anything because she thought she was too skinny."

Vergara's figure eventually developed and this slim girl turned into the beautiful woman we all know and love today.

Sofia Vergara became famous by chance

Sofia Vergara may have been worried that she would never get over her slim frame, but obviously she didn't need to worry. When Vergara was a teenager, her classmates and agencies took notice of her left and right.

The way Vergara broke into the industry seems straight out of a Hollywood dream. Apparently, Vergara was at the beach during her senior year at her strictly Catholic school when a model scout spotted her. "I was on a beach with my family and a casting agent saw me and said, 'We're doing this commercial, do you want to do this?'" Vergara explained toCBSin 2017. "And my mom was like, 'Yes, yes, she wants to do this. '" And I said, 'No, the nuns are going to kill me, I can't be in a bathing suit in a commercial!'"

Vergara ended up making the commercial, but luckily for her (and the nuns?) it didn't air until after she graduated. He moved to Miami soon after and his star power continued to grow.

Sofia Vergara became a single mother

Landing her first acting and modeling job wasn't the only memorable part of Sofia Vergara's senior year. Shortly after graduating, Vergara married her high school sweetheart, Joe Gonzalez, at age 18. The couple divorced when she was 21, but Vergara welcomed her son Manolo when she was just 20. Raising her son alone was not easy, even more so at such a young age, but according to Vergara, she was a very dedicated mother.People. "He was very young when I divorced his father," Vergara explained to the channel. "I raised him trying to set the best example and giving him the best I could."

It wasn't a walk in the park, but all the hard work paid off. Nowadays, Manolo has grown up a lot and is still very close to his mother. More importantly, Manolo turned out to be a great guy in every way. "If people praise me for being polite, charming, funny and well-mannered, all the sacrifices will be worth it," Vergara said.

Sofia Vergara received a shocking diagnosis

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Things got even more difficult for Sofía Vergara when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 28. Vergara bravely underwent surgery to remove his thyroid, but the health issues didn't stop there.

After the surgery, Vergara was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, a condition she has been dealing with ever since. Vergara spoke about the fight in an interview with reporters at a promotional event in 2013Huff-Post. "At first, when I had cancer, I thought, 'I'm going to eat everything organic, everything healthy,'" she explained. "I got a little crazy, but after three months I realized it's very tiring." She said. "It was crazy eating spinach shots, I mean crazy! So I tried to do healthy things but not go crazy."

Very soon, Vergara realized that the best way to manage his condition was to stick to a strict schedule of doctor appointments and medications. Although he is doing much better these days, managing the condition took a lot of time and effort. "I had to force myself to see what was going on with my body and I have to say I've never had a problem in the last ten years. I'm very, very direct about how I'm trying to do what the doctor says... and I religiously go to the my doctor and I do blood tests.

Sofia Vergara got her big break

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After years of taking on minor roles and modeling jobs, Sofia Vergara finally got her big break in 2009 when she landed the role of Gloria on Modern Family. It may have taken Vergara a minute to make it big in the industry, but she definitely worked for her fame.

"A lot of times I wasn't the youngest or the smartest girl in the room," she said.women's health2017: "But I always work, always the hardest. Dreams don't happen when you just sit back and accept things.”

Hard work has always been key to Vergara, and that didn't change when he became a household name. The actress explained that she spent her first six years on the show working overtime and weekends. “I worked like an animal. I wanted to use my 15 minutes of fame because you never know.

Modern Family may be over, but it doesn't look like Vergara's fame is going away anytime soon.

Sofia Vergara found love

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Working so hard, raising a child on her own, and dealing with a dangerous illness hasn't given Sofia Vergara much time so far. After years of putting herself first, she met her one and only Joe Manganiello in 2014.

Manganiello reportedly saw and fell in love with Vergara for the first time when he saw her at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. The only problem? Vergara was engaged to another man, Nick Loeb. When Vergara and Loeb split a few weeks later, Manganiello made his move. They got engaged within six months and were married in November 2015, reports say.entertainment tonight.

Since then it has worked without problems. "It's really fun and since we met it's been really important," said Vergara.Hello! USED. “We actually talked to each other like a bunch of idiots in this little voice we made up all the time. Everyone who heard us said, 'What's your problem?'”

The best part? They support each other endlessly. "She loves that I love to work, that I love being creative, that I always plan my activities, that I'm always looking forward to work and business," she said.entertainment tonight. In fact, he always says to me, 'You know, one of the things I'm so attracted to about you is that you were pretty much the first woman I dated who is really, really independent. '"

Vergara has come a long way and we can only imagine what she will achieve next!


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