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What are the top 10 programming languages?

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New Year's Eve is fast approaching and like kids looking for Christmas presents we want to know what's coming next year in programming, especially which languages ​​will be popular among engineers and IT companies. To find out how popular the programming language is, we conduct polls based on reputable reports such asPYPL-Index,Tiobe-Index,CodinGame annual survey 2021and the results of a survey among our colleagues. Enjoy the list of the most popular programming languages ​​for 2023 that we have made:


As wecalledPreviously, Python has now become the #1 most popular programming language, jumping from 20th place in 2001 to 1st place in 2021 according to TIOBE and PYPL (Platforms of Trusted Programming Languages ​​Ranking) and will definitely keep this position in the next year .

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As a high-level, universal programming language that supports many useful libraries and frameworks such as Django, Flask, and Pyramid, Python is ideal for beginners and professionals alike. It has automatic garbage collection, easy integration with other languages, simple syntax, GUI programming support, and other rich features. In addition, it is highly compatible with hot technologies like AI and ML, which also attracts the interest of developers on platforms likepacket overflowmiGithubGenericName.

JavaScript (+ Typescript)

JavaScript is second on our list and has consistently ranked in the top 10 programming languages ​​for several years. This year it even became the largest in the world.#1 popular languageamong developers, used in95 % aller Websites, with giants like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Uber, etc.

The language is primarily known for adding elements to web pages, but has a wide range of uses for web, game, and mobile app development. We've also placed TypeScript here since it's a strict syntactical superset of JavaScript designed for developing large applications that run on both the client and server side.

Java (+ Kotlin)

We often hear that this legendary and popular programming language is falling in ranks, but in fact it still ranks 3rd in this ranking of almost 8 million Java developers worldwide. it beginsWrite once, run anywhereIt has inspired many other programming languages, but Java still surpasses them in popularity and is used by leading companies like Adobe, Amazon, and Flipkart. Besides Android development, it is widely used for web, desktop, and scientific applications.

The popular Spring and Hibernate frameworks, rich features such as multithreading, automatic memory allocation, garbage collection and platform independence make Java a sought-after language and offer you many valuable career opportunities. We also included Kotlin here because it is a statically composed language that supports functional and object-oriented programming features and brings interoperability to Java. It can be used for both web and desktop development, but the powerful Javalin, KTor, and Vertex frameworks have made Kotlin the language of choice for Android app development, and is used by companies like Pinterest, Commonly used Uber and Netflix.

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In accordance withRedMonk reviewThe language is reportedly ranked fourth ahead of other prominent languages ​​like C++, Go, etc. Programming feature oriented, making it ideal for web development. It's easy to learn for beginners and has many useful frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, and CodeIgniter.

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It's one of the most widely used programming languages ​​today - companies like Facebook, Wikipedia, and WordPress are big believers in PHP and regularly offer numerous career opportunities for PHP developers - so this language will definitely be in demand in the year to come.

The 10 most popular programming languages ​​in 2023 | Fifty (6)


Ruby, which the developers had no interest inin the last decadeIt started gaining popularity 3 years ago and it doesn't seem to be stopping. This is probably due to the slight resemblance to Python. As an intricate, detailed, powerfully composed and deciphered programming language, Ruby is a valuable programming tool for professionals.

Ruby encoding is 3-4 times faster compared to Java, cross-platform and compatible with multiple operating systems, making it a preferred choice for giants like Amazon, Airbnb, and Github. It's not just growing in popularity and community, according toDaxx.comThat year it became the highest paid programming language in the world.

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This Google language is as easy to build as Python, as productive as C++, and can handle the toughest math problems. It is a modernized, statically composed flavor of C with features such as garbage sorting, primary composition, dynamic typing, type safety, high performance and efficiency, and CSP-style concurrency.

In recent years there has been a considerableincreasein demand due to the need to modernize legacy systems that relied heavily on C. It's also used for distributed systems and cloud computing, with Kubernetes and the Ethereum Cryptozoic Project as well as giants like Uber and Google relying on Go. Without a doubt, Go has every chance to become one of the most widely used programming languages ​​in 2023.

C #

C# (pronounced C Sharp) is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language based on C that works best with Windows applications. Its widespread use in server-side application development for gaming and enterprise has made C# a mandatory language in recent yearsTB, and interest in it is only growing.

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Fast compilation, high scalability and interoperability, automatic garbage collection, and tight integration with the .NET library allow you to use C# for a variety of complex programming tasks. Companies like Intellectsoft, Capgemini, etc. use this language in the Unity game engine software, which means that there will be many C# developer job openings in the market in 2023. This makes it one of the most important programming languages.


This open source code has been in use since 2014 but has undergone a significant changeincreaserecently in interest of developers due to its major role in IOS platform which now offers new improvements for their applications. Its simple syntax, high scalability and performance, as well as excellent Objective-C integration and cross-device compatibility make it a

Swift is a desirable option not only for developers, but also for well-known companies like FlappyBird, Mozilla Firefox, and WordPress. But while Swift can also be used for Windows and Linux apps, it still works better for native IOS development, and that aspect slows its growth somewhat.

The 10 most popular programming languages ​​in 2023 | Fifty (9)

language r

It used to be quite a weird and wacky language for geeks, but thanks to its wide use in data science and data mining (after Python), this open-source language has only recently caught on.reach the topon the charts, jumping from #16 to #9 in less than a year. It is used for complex fact checking and design programming, suitable for GNU/Linux and Windows, and data processing technologies such as Hadoop and Spark.

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A large selection of libraries and frameworks, cross-platform compatibility, high graphics performance, distributed computing - these properties make R interesting not only for developers, but also for large tech companies such as Facebook, Google and Uber, which offer countless job opportunities for R developers.


Dart is one of the fastest growing languages, but at the same time little known in the industrial field. Developed by Google, Dart is similar to JavaScript but much simpler, faster and easier to use. It is based on the Flutter framework and is designed for writing cross-platform applications, and the fast code compilation makes Dart an ideal language for mobile development.

Also, the graphics, written in C/C++, are consistently high-performing, delivering consistently 60 frames per second and up to 120 frames per second on devices using Flutter. These features have already made Dart a loveable language among developers with the Flutter frameworkoutdatedRespond natively in frequency of use.

This is what our list of popular programming languages ​​for 2023 looks like. Do you agree with the results? Did you perhaps not find your favorites here or in the wrong place? Which of these languages ​​do you find obsolete or new? We'd love to hear your thoughts, so don't hesitate to contact us.Here. Let's fly together into the year of the new technology!

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