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Want to start a business but don't have a budget? If so, don't worry. Not all successful businesses start with six-figure results. Having enough money to start a business often prevents us from fulfilling our dream of being an entrepreneur. Not all businesses require a large investment. To help you start a business on a tight budget, we've selected some of the best business ideas under $100.

Yes, you can start a profitable small business for less than $100. Today, there are thousands of successful businesses that started on a shoestring budget. You don't have money to be successful, you just have to believe in your idea and keep working hard.

50 business ideas for less than $100

Here are the top small businesses you can start with less than $100:

1. Online Social Media Consulting

Now every business needs to get their business online through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. While most of them don't know how to plan their social media marketing, you can offer consulting services from the comfort of your home, backed by your social media skills.


Tutoring is a home based business in the education segment. It is a profitable business without investment. You can easily start a tutoring business with no capital. Start by telling your friends and family about referrals or some flyers in your local communities.

3. The blog

You can start your own blog without much investment. It is easy and probably the most legit way to make money online. You can run a blog right from home without any outside help.

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If you enjoy spending time with children, you may choose to start a babysitting business. It is not necessary to make any investment, while the service only includes the care of other children in the absence of the parents.

5.They design the web

You have the opportunity to offer a home based web design services business. There are several online tutorials that offer free courses on website design. You can study and practice for a few days. Small businesses often search for designers online on platforms like UpWork and Fiverr.

6.Moving Service Provider

With a little skill with a needle and thread, you can start a home improvement service. Although the investment is very small, you serve customers who need to change their clothes. First, you can promote your services in your area through friends and family.

7. Home decoration services.

If you have some creative skills, you can help homeowners decorate their houses for a fee. You do not need a professional degree. With an eye on home decoration, you can start offering your services.

8.independent accounting

Every business, large or small, needs business accounting services. You may choose to offer standalone non-investment accounting services such as bank reconciliation, electronic filing, service tax, sales tax, payroll, etc.

10freelance writing

You can use your ability words to create items for other people. You can search for these writing projects online to offer content on a regular basis. You can also write for corporate clients to help them with their marketing projects and promote their products and services.

11graphic design services

Good graphic designs are one of the hottest businesses right now and are in high demand. You can learn how to use the online tools for free through online tutorials and videos. You can use free tools to create logos and designs to offer graphics to customers online.

12. Check the website

Online users often look at detailed reviews before purchasing a product or even a service. With a very small investment, you can buy a few products or get a few services and start evaluating. You can be an influencer on the Internet and earn money with advertising and sponsorships.

13. Pet training services

If you are good with pets, you can use skills to train pets. New pet owners often find it difficult to train their pets. They can offer to house train your pets without any investment.

14online inquiries

Would you like to earn money from home without investing? Well, online surveys will pay for it. Online survey documents without knowledge will reward you for completing the set of questionnaires and opinions on various topics.


Do you have an extra room at home? If you do, consider starting a bed and breakfast business for less than $100 without a huge investment. Use a free service like Airbnb to list your accommodation and you only have to pay a service fee when the booking is successful.

16. Publishing services

If you're good at creative writing and grammar, you can start helping people create better content. Businesses and individuals look for publishers that offer complete publishing services. You can choose to offer online publishing services to authors or businesses for a fee.

17soap holder

The organic soap market is constantly growing. As the demand for natural soaps continues to grow, you can start a soap making business at home without a huge investment.

18. ClickBank Electronics

The business is selling digital products and can be started for less than $100. You can start your own Clickbank product where you can earn a commission for each successful sale. You can also create a PDF eBook on any topic to sell right away.

19used book sale

You can start a used book selling business online. First you need to buy the used books from different readers. Add up your markup and list the books on eBay or other sites that sell used books.

20Email Marketing Services

Email marketing continues to be a popular marketing tool for small businesses. If you can write compelling emails to connect with customers, you can offer your services online. You help small businesses run email marketing campaigns.

21. Online Dating Consultant

There are people who have a hard time finding a date. You can use your interpersonal communication skills to help others find a date by offering online dating from the comfort of your home without much investment.

22e-commerce business

An eCommerce business gives you the opportunity to work from home without huge investments. You can make some products like soaps or candles at home, or you can ship something directly or buy products in bulk to start selling online.

23. Logo design services

You can use your creative skills to start a freelance business.logo designBusiness. You can choose to learn how to design logos online for free through video tutorials. Once complete, take online orders to serve businesses looking for simple logos and branding elements.

24. Social media management services

There are several companies that do not have a full-time social media employee. While you can be at home, you can choose to manage your social media accounts. You can package your remote social management services.

25. Writing services

With an eye on creative content and writing skills, you can make money from copywriting. While no investment is required, you can start a copywriting business from the comfort of your own home. As a freelance writer, you can accept jobs online from platforms like UpWork or Fiverr.

26travel planning services

Are you an avid traveler? So you can help travelers plan their trip with the best deals online. You yourself need to know about promotions and offers on various travel sites. For a fee, you help them book trips with everything they need.

27. Online photo editing services

You can use an online startphoto editing Service where you edit images completely for a fee. There are several free tools available online. You can learn them online and then offer package editing services.

28Recycled product vendors.

You can open a recycling store for less than $100. Use your creative skills to create products from recyclable materials to sell later. Handmade recycled products have a huge market. You can choose to sell them online or in local stores.

29Online SEO Consulting

With some working knowledge of content and websites, you can offer SEO services online. Businesses and individuals will contact you to improve their SEO and you will go to your client's website to learn how they can improve their rankings with better search engine optimization.

30. Parental Control Services

Childproofing homes help keep babies and toddlers safe and parents have less to worry about. The business is very cheap to start. Please note that depending on your location, you may need to follow certain state guidelines and regulations for childproofing homes.

31. Packaging services

A company that trades in products always needs some type of packaging. As a small investment company, you can start offering packaging services to local businesses. With attention to small details, you can start a successful packaging services business with a small investment.

32. Grocery delivery services

Local stores do not have special delivery services. With a bike, you can choose to start a delivery service in your area to help local businesses provide delivery services. You can also be a personal shopper to help them buy things and have them delivered for a small fee.

33. Referral Services

You can approach companies and ask them to pay you a fee for successful referrals. You may need to telemarket them or advertise your services and products through various channels. They can also work with customers to help them find what they are looking for and, in turn, charge those businesses.

34. Telemarketing services

You can start a telemarketing business from home with a laptop and cell phone. As a freelance telemarketer, you will help various small businesses sell their services and products. This can also include setting appointments with clients and generating leads.

35. Marketing services

Most businesses fail to sell their products or services due to poor marketing. If you are an expert, you can start an online marketing consultancy. Marketing in today's world plays an important role in the performance of a company. You can support them in their brand awareness campaigns.

36.Catering service

You can start a small catering business for birthday parties and small events for less than $100. To keep costs down, you can choose to work from home, minimizing your overhead. Work with event planners and other party agencies to get a steady stream of orders.

37. Content Marketing Service

You can build a content marketing business backed by your writing skills. You have to keep up with Google's ever-changing algorithms and writing trends. You can also work as a sole content writer in addition to writing for marketing and promotional materials.

38. Scrapbook manufacturing services.

People often search for creative scrapbook layouts on the internet. You can help them have their own scrapbooks with the designs they want. You have to figure out what you want your scrapbook to look like and put it together for her.

39. Landscaping

You can choose to design landscapes. Although there are no large investments, you can use your skills. You have to mow the grass and pull weeds to make it attractive. While landscaping work can vary, you can charge your clients accordingly.

40. Online review services

Clients search online for proofreaders who can offer editing services. Offers online services by having clients submit their work. You return them after editing and reviewing them for a fee.

41.ebook author

Reading has undergone enormous changes over the decades. While the love of reading still exists, the medium has changed. Most of the people read the internet nowadays. If you have something cool to share, you can write and publish an eBook to sell on platforms like Amazon's Kindle library.

42. Online Trainer

If you have knowledge in a specific subject, you can start offering online courses. You upload your lessons to different courses on a platform like Udemy or Coursera to get paid. The platforms charge a commission for each successful purchase.

43. Yoga studio

As the gym loses its appeal among health enthusiasts, yoga gains notoriety. You can open a yoga studio at home with a little training. You can take a short course to start your own yoga classes at home without much investment.

44. Professional organization services

Busy people often need help organizing their own things. You can offer professional services to help them stay organized. This mainly includes the management of their homes or offices, as well as the systems to store and use all the items.

45. Pop-up shop

Opening a retail store now can be very expensive. Instead, you can choose to open a small pop-up shop to sell something. It could be a food stall or something you can do yourself, pastries or organic soaps.

Flea Market Sale 46

There are flea markets all over the world. Through online maps, you can find the ones closest to you and start selling. Although the investment is small, you can start your vending business for less than $100.

47. Freelance Bartender

With so many free cocktail guides and videos online, you can start working as a freelance bartender on your own. You can learn and practice the skills at home. You may need some real life experience, so it's best to work with someone before starting your own business.

48. Window cleaning services

Oclean windowsBusinesses need basic supplies, which can be purchased for around $100. You can offer your services to retail stores, coffee shops, and storefronts. Once you start working, you can invest in more equipment.

49. Alternative Metal Recycling

Metals like copper and aluminum are among the most valuable metals found anywhere in the world. While these metals are still in demand, you can recycle them cheaply. Your first sale allows you to invest in new supplies.


Cleaning services can be a lucrative, low-capital business without major investment. You can start offering your services with basic equipment for less than $100. Once you start making money, you can use your earnings to expand your business.

This is the recommended list of business opportunities that you can start with a very small budget of less than $100. The idea is to start with what you have and then grow with the money you earn. You must be willing to work to make the business work!


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