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As social media grew in popularity, many marketers began to question the future value of email marketing. However, these thoughts were quickly dismissed when marketers saw that email's return on investment (ROI) was still the best of any marketing channel. What are the advantages of using email? Check out this list of reasons why email marketing is so important for business owners.

What is email marketing and the benefits of using it?

Email marketing is a type of direct marketing in which companies send promotional email messages to a group of prospects and customers. It is widely used as an efficient and cost-effective way to acquire new customers, build brand awareness and increase product sales, as well as build trust and loyalty in a company's customer base.

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Email's role for marketers continues to grow despite the growing popularity of social media and text messaging. This is demonstrated in the global benchmarking research featured in the report,Excellence in Email Marketing and Marketing Automation 2017:

  • Compared to other digital marketing channels, email is rated excellent or good by marketers with 53.6% of respondents. Social media marketing and search engine optimization are ranked second and third by marketers, with excellent and good ratings of 50.9% and 45% respectively.
  • More than half (58%) of companies surveyed said they plan to increase their email marketing budget, while only 7.5% plan to reduce their budget.

Marketers in this survey also expressed confidence in the benefits of email, especially when compared to other marketing channels. But what benefits of email marketing were marketers trying to achieve in the first place? Here are the top benefits of email marketing, according to marketers who responded to the survey:

  • 23% reported generating more leads
  • 19% said better sales
  • 17% said they had better conversion rates
  • 13% talked about lower marketing costs
  • 12% reported identifying higher quality leads
  • 9% said they integrated with other media to increase engagement.
  • 3% said shorter sales cycles.

Benefits of Email Marketing

The following benefits of email marketing demonstrate why email marketing is effective and why it is still so widely used by marketers today:

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  1. Email is the preferred marketing channel for consumers to communicate with companies.AfterInvestigationConducted by MarketingSherpa, 60% of respondents chose email as their preferred way to receive regular promotions and updates from companies they want to do business with. Only 20% of respondents opted for social networks and 17% for SMS.
  2. Email has been shown to generate better ROI compared to other marketing channels.ASurvey Researchby the Direct Marketing Association and Demand Metric by marketers in the US showed that email generated an average ROI of 122%, more than four times higher than other marketing channels including social media (28%), direct mail (27%) and paid search (25%). And in 2016 email marketing was bornROI of $44 for every $1 spent, which increased from $38 in 2015.
  3. You can easily customize your email messages.From including a subscriber's name in subject lines and email messages to crafting emails that are targeted to a customer's individual interests and needs, there are a variety of marketing tools and software today that can help businesses simplify and speed up the shipping process.personalized emailsto your customer base.
  4. You can easily segment groups of your leads and customers and send them targeted marketing messages that meet their personal needs and interests.By segmenting your email list, you can take your email personalization to a whole new level. Demographic, geographic and behavioral data (such as past purchases) are some of the types of data you can use to target different segments of your email list and send more relevant and personalized email content.
  5. With automated emails, you can improve your personal marketing communications while reducing the number of man hours required.Automation is the foundation of successful triggering and nurturing campaigns. It's also another important tool for creating relevant and personalized marketing emails. And thanks to advances in email marketing automation software, it's more accessible than ever, even for many small businesses. For more information and marketing tips on leveraging the power of automation for your email marketing campaigns, see the following FulcrumTech marketing resources:
    • Email Marketing Automation: How to Take Your ROI to the Next Level
    • 4 Tips for Creating a Powerful Email Automation Package
  6. It's easy to test, tweak and continually improve your email marketing results.What subject lines, pre-headers, calls-to-action, headlines, content marketing messages, and email template designs resonate best with your audience? With the right email testing and optimization strategy, you can quickly improve elements of your email campaigns for significantly better performance results and higher ROI.
    To learn more about FulcrumTech's successful email testing and optimization strategy, which resulted in double and even triple digit percentage improvements in the performance of our clients' email campaigns, read our latest email article. mail -Campaigns.Use email testing and optimization to improve your campaigns.“
  7. Email makes it easy for your subscribers to share your marketing messages.With the click of a button, your subscribers can receive your business email message, for example. B. share a promotional code or details of a special sale with your friends and colleagues. look at this recentlyNewsletter special featurefor best practices for optimizing the performance results of your referral email campaigns.
  8. It's easy to track engagement, sales, and conversions in your email campaigns.To make smart, data-driven decisions about your email marketing efforts and optimize your email ROI, you need to measure and analyze key email metrics. That's what we cover in this article: "Data-Driven Email Marketing: Key Metrics to Track.” Additionally, FulcrumTech has developed an online analytics email marketing platform:IntelliSents– making it even easier to organize and analyze your email marketing data. IntelliSents presents data in easy-to-read dashboards for real-time monitoring and tracking of email campaign performance.be sure to check!
  9. Email marketing is eco-friendly.Help save paper (and trees too).

Why use email marketing?

Why is email marketing important? Compared to the many marketing channels available today to reach your target audience, email is the most effective channel to attract attention, target and engage leads and customers to increase sales and revenue. . No other channel is as successful at building strong customer relationships as email marketing.

Are you getting the most out of your email marketing program? If you're challenged with building a quality permissions-based email list and developing a winning email strategy to engage and convert your target market, FulcrumTech can help. From creating effective promotional emails and email newsletters, to implementing marketing automation, to testing and optimizing your email campaigns, FulcrumTech's certified email marketing team will deliver the results. you've been waiting for.Contact us and get started today!

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