Why Email Marketing Matters: The Basics and Best Practices (2023)

As a marketer, you may have heard your peers talk about the death of email marketing. For many marketing departments, this was a common concern.

I'm here to make sure email marketing is still effective, so you don't have to worry. It remains one of the most trusted channels for digital marketers and online entrepreneurs.

But why is it still king when it's the oldest form of digital communication?

We're on it and this article explains how important email marketing is for your business. And after that, some of the best email marketing practices come to an end.

The importance of email marketing for your business

It may be one of the oldest forms of digital communication, but email is still unrivaled when it comes to usage. It dominates marketing channels due to some intriguing advantages.

Let's go to them right away!

Opportunity to get started for free

Email marketing has become a mainstay of digital marketing because it's free to start with reasonable limits on reaching customers.

Even with the free version of some tools, you can easily continue your small business. And with Premium, it's unlimited. Just grow your email list, know your interests, segment them and start sending emails.

There are some crucial factors to consider when choosing the best free service:

  • Check if they offer unlimited email campaigns or not.
  • Check your email limit for subscribers.
  • Check out the features offered in the free/trial version.

Getting a free service doesn't mean it's bad service, just a little limited (in terms of time or email delivery). Before deciding on your tool, you should consider what will happen if you go beyond the free plan.

cost efficiency

Paid campaigns, PPC ads and social media ads can cost a lot of money before you start seeing results. On the other hand, SEO takes time.

Email marketing gives you the opportunity to build an audience early on. You can reach your audience and interact regularly with minimal cost. While most platforms are free to start, you can keep them running for minimal cost.

This explains why email marketing has a high ROI (up to 4200%). In general, if you pay less, the ROI tends to be higher. This makes it the most profitable marketing channel of all.

Ability to build audience

Even the best email content in the world is useless without an audience to receive it. Building audiences is the original goal of any business. It can be a very effective way to build an audience for your brand.

Use forms and newsletters in emails that can help you gain an audience for your brand. You can then build credibility by keeping in touch with your customers and keeping them informed about your business.

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91% of peopleCheck your email every day. Emails have a chance to be viewed at the exact moment.

Increase website traffic

86% of marketers say they look at email engagement metrics like click-through rates and downloads to determine how useful content is. This is more than website traffic and social media analytics.

Increasing website traffic is not easy when billions of websites share the same niche on the Internet. Email campaigns allow you to get customers to engage with your blog or website content by including links related to your website in the body of the email.

Building credibility for your business

Email newsletters are often deleted or, even worse, marked as spam. One of the toughest tasks for a business is to build credibility and maintain positive customer relationships. People buy from brands they trust and it's hard to find these days.

"Love at first sight" is as rare in business today as it is in personal relationships. It usually takes time to build customer confidence in your offerings.

When it meets customer expectations and is relevant to your offerings, email is the ideal platform to build credibility. It helps you to strengthen the relationship with your subscriber base that you want to develop.

Customer-facing communication

Email personalization based on gender, race and ethnicity is practiced by 20% of retail, e-commerce, consumer products and services companies. 60% of retail, e-commerce and consumer goods and services businesses personalize emails based on past purchases, up from 38% in 2019. (Source:hubspot)

You cannot control who sees your content in a newspaper or television advertisement. Email lets you send subscriber emails specifically tailored to their interests and convert them into paying customers.

Also, you can customize the emails for each customer. However, you can use different groups to segment your email list based on location, demographics, lead status and other information.

Increase product sales

If you're among the 81% of business owners who use email marketing as part of their digital marketing strategy, you may already be enjoying the benefits it offers.

Did you know that there are three times as many email addresses as there are Facebook and Twitter accounts? Also, email has a click-through rate.six times bigger than Twitter.

O e-mail é um dos canais de marketing mais eficazes para atingir seu mercado-alvo. Isso permite que as empresas se conectem totalmente com seus clientes, se destaquem da multidão, aumentem as taxas de conversão e aumentem as vendas.

Email marketing automation

75% of companies use email marketingdue to its marketing automation capabilities. Marketing automation increases sales productivity by 14.5%. In addition, this translates into a 12.2% reduction in market costs.

Marketers avoid the hassle of creating and sending out new emails whenever a customer expresses interest in a brand, a customer needs something new, a company announces a sale, etc., they manage their emails automatically.

Making advertising campaigns an automated process is the main goal of email marketing automation.Automatize seus e-mails, put your email on autopilot and experience exponential brand growth.

Access processable data and reports

The results of email campaigns are quantifiable. There are fewer metrics and facts available to tell. Estimate the return on marketing investment for a medium such as television. You barely get anything from social media.

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Evaluating email marketing performance is easy to do. For maximum conversion, personalize your emails with software that displays all relevant metrics including open rates,click through rate, click through rate, unsubscribe fees, bounces, profits, etc.

Due to the immediate nature of data collection, analysis can be completed more quickly. With other forms of advertising, you must collect a great deal of data before judging the campaign's success.

Rather than relying on a company or doing the math yourself, you can update your email strategy accordingly. With this access to actionable data and reports, you can easily plan your next steps, such as upsells, cross-sells or a listing.

Email Marketing Best Practices: 6 Keys to Success

Why Email Marketing Matters: The Basics and Best Practices (1)

Email marketing success is not a shot in the turkey. However, there are some best practices to take advantage of the full potential of email platforms.

Here we discuss the six keys to successful email marketing. It won't make the process any easier, but these keys can ensure your emails are more fruitful than ever.

Here we go,

Create an email list

Treating your email list as your most valuable marketing asset is the backbone of any successful program. That's why a smart list building strategy is critical to your success.

Don't ask for too much information on the application form upfront, which is another important thing to keep in mind. Define who your potential is and analyze your interests. It's scary enough that the average email list changes by about 30% a year.

So the facts are

  1. When it comes to your subscribers, prioritize quality over quantity.
  2. Ask fewer questions and focus on what matters most to you.
  3. Take steps to prevent natural turnover on your list.

Segment your email list

Batch and bulk emails are a thing of the past. Sending the same offer to all customers in your database is no longer enough. The secret to effective email marketing isEmail list segmentationFor this reason.

List segmentation is exactly what it sounds like: the process of dividing an email list into several smaller, more targeted lists. List segmentation aims to provide a more specialized marketing experience for your current and potential customers.

There are many ways to segment an email list, and what works for one business may not work for another. So, before you start, it's important to think about your buyer personas and the characteristics that make them unique.

So we can say

1. Know your audience and segment them according to their interests.

2. Targeted emails can provide a more personalized marketing experience.

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3. Define buyer personas more efficiently.

Analyze your data to know your customers

Know your customers and know their intentions. Here comes the need for data analysis.

Define your objectives for the campaign. Let your marketing tool collect leads for you. Analyze all the data and set the intent. Only this strategy can make your data work on its own.

So the lessons are

1. Prioritize your data analysis.

2. Go beyond opens and clicks and focus on your campaign objective.

2. Integrate your marketing channels to get a brief profile of each subscriber.

Send personalized emails

Personalized content matters to 86% of consumers when making a purchase. Focus on your data analysis, understand your customers' interests and start personalizing your emails so they feel like a 1:1 communication.

But be careful not to overdo it. Just because you can customize based on multiple data points doesn't mean you should. When there isn't a good reason for the customization, it's patronizing or annoying at best and downright creepy at worst.

Consequently, we find here

  1. Adding the name is just one aspect of personalization.
  2. Use your data to give your emails a true 1:1 feel.
  3. Don't cross the border into scary territory.

Connect with customers regularly

say marketing metricsthe probability of selling a new perspective is between 5% and 20%. And there's a 60-70% chance of selling to an existing customer.

So your selling points are your past customers. For this reason, customer retention is most important when it comes to generating more sales. Engage your customers by reposting, reusing, and thinking in many ways.

so here we have

  1. Attract new customers, but prioritize retaining existing customers.
  2. Freshen up your content to keep your subscribers engaged.
  3. Maintaining long-lasting customer relationships can increase sales.

Automatize e-mails regulares

Statistics say that up to 451% of companies have experience with marketing automation.Increased qualified leads. And 63% of companies that outperform their competitors use marketing automation.

Marketers are naturally competitive people. You want to outperform the competition and automation is one way to do that.

Finally, the tips

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  1. Its automation aids in personalization and interaction at scale.
  2. Start with a welcome sequel and end with a recovery campaign.
  3. Any subscriber activity that you track can be used for automation.

Ensure email deliverability

The first thing that drives success is making sure your emails make it to the inbox. Email marketing tools can help with this.

A catchy subject line does half the work. Based on subject lines, 69% of email recipients mark messages as spam.

According to Gmail, someone is more likely to click the spam button when someone receives your brand email in the "Inbox" tab instead of the "Promotions" tab.

There are some other issues like spam actions, domain reputation and more. That's why you need to knowWhy Emails End Up in Spam and How You Can Avoid It.

So the moral of the story is,

  1. Get the recipient's permission before sending an email.
  2. Define your objective, let customers know about it, but keep it brief.
  3. Without compromising product relevance.


Email marketing is important to your business because of its invaluable returns. Not only with ROI, but also with many other advantages. Therefore, it is one of the best ways for a company to grow and stand out.

It's more convenient, reliable, customizable and affordable than other online marketing channels. Because of this, four out of five marketers said they would rather quit.social media for email marketing.

So if you're not using email for marketing, it's time to unleash its full potential.

I'm unsubscribing for now, but if you'd like to add your thoughts, be sure to comment below.

Why Email Marketing Matters: The Basics and Best Practices (2)

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